Feb. 23, 2022
Hello Colorado HTP Stakeholders. We’re in mid-winter, but things are heating up for the HTP program. All Implementation Plans have been approved and the hospitals are engaged in project ramp up. All in all, there are over 600 interventions that hospitals will be implementing statewide as part of the HTP. Measure specifications details have been updated and we are gearing up for the program data dress rehearsal in March. There are also a few different training opportunities coming up from our state Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) Telligen and the Colorado Hospital Association (CHA) that will help support hospitals in their HTP efforts. Details about all of this and more below. Thanks for reading. 

Thank you,

Matt Haynes
Special Finance Projects Manager
HTP Timeline
Implementation Plan Approval Notices

The HTP team has completed the review process for all the hospitals implementation plans and all HTP hospital Implementation Plans have been approved. Kudos to all the hospital HTP teams for all of the great work on the plans. It is amazing to see all the interventions and their plans, and we are excited and looking forward to these all coming into fruition.
Public Dashboard

The Collaboration, Performance, and Analytics System (CPAS) hospitals will be using for HTP now has a public dashboard that stakeholders can access to view which measures and interventions each participating hospital is doing. The information is sortable and can be exported into Microsoft Excel. This is a really nice tool for exploring all of the interventions that the hospitals will be implementing and the measures that the interventions are focused on. You can view the new dashboard here.
Data Dress Rehearsal and Training

Beginning March 1, the HTP team and hospitals will be conducting a “data dress rehearsal.” This exercise gives us the opportunity practice, test, and refine the data reporting systems and processes for the HTP. On Thursday Feb. 17, 2022, the Department hosted a statewide training webinar for all HTP hospitals regarding the data reporting process in preparation for the dress rehearsal. A recording of the training will be available on the HTP web page. 
Measure Specification Details

The HTP Measure Specifications Details have been updated and are available on the
HTP webpage. The department has worked to make key clarifications within the specifications and has also made updates to some benchmark methodologies. A summary of changes is in Appendix A of the document.
HB21-1198 Update/Stakeholder Meetings

On Feb. 16, 2022, a fourth stakeholder meeting was held. The Department has one more meeting scheduled for March 1, 2022, from 9-11 a.m., where draft rules will be presented. Sign up for the meeting here. Live Spanish interpretation will be provided. 
Please visit our Hospital Discounted Care webpage or reach out to us by email hcpf_HospDiscountCare@state.co.us for more information. 
Colorado Hospital Association (CHA) Support

CHA will be hosting support sessions focused on the SW-BH3 measure in March and April. For hospitals currently submitting data to CHA, two sessions will be focused on quarterly validations reports, how hospitals can access the data they need to submit for the data dress rehearsal and annual data reporting, and the forthcoming SW-BH3 dashboard. For all hospitals working on the SW-BH3 measure, CHA will be holding one session focused on addressing any challenges hospitals have faced so far and best practices/shared learnings relating to the ED ALTO work. The sessions are tentatively scheduled for the following dates:
March 23 from 1-2 p.m. (for hospitals submitting data to CHA)
April 6 from 1-2 p.m. (for hospitals submitting data to CHA)
April 20 from 1-2 p.m. (for all hospitals working on the SW-BH3 measure)

The registration link for these sessions will be available soon. Please contact Ali Rosenberg with any questions.
Telligen Learning Assets and Support

In Case You Missed It: the Telligen QIN-QIO has no cost Learning Assets to offer that are in direct alignment with many of your HTP measures and interventions. 
  • Join the Telligen, IPRO, Alliant Quality, and IHC/Compass HQICs for the second installment of a dynamic three-part webinar series featuring proactive strategies and tools for preventing all-cause harm related to adverse drug events. Recent studies have linked hospitalized COVID-19 patients with an increased risk of thromboembolism and death; to address this risk, the HQIC program aims to bring you the most up to date COVID-19 thromboprophylaxis treatment guidelines. Register here for the 2/24 training at 1 p.m. Mountain Time.
  • If you have a specific request for technical assistance related to evidence-based interventions, coalition building/strengthening, data, and/or quality improvement training, you can submit a request here.
Hospital Workgroups

The data dress rehearsal training occurred in lieu of the Hospital Workgroup meeting in February. The next Hospital Workgroup meeting is scheduled for March 17, 2022.
Prescriber Tool

The Prescriber Tool helps Coloradans save money on health care by empowering providers with information on prescription drug costs and affordable alternatives. It reduces administrative burden for providers, while also improving convenience for patients. 
Please contact your IT Support Staff, EHR Training Team, or EHR vendor to access the “Real-Time Prescription Benefit” and get training and education materials. 

For more information, please visit our webpage or contact Lauren Hussey.
Community Advisory Council
Community Advisory Council meetings continue to take place monthly. The next meeting is on Monday, March 21 2022. Agendas, materials and notes from previous meetings are on the Community Advisory Council website.  
Colorado Healthcare Affordability and Sustainability Enterprise (CHASE) Board meeting
The next Colorado Healthcare Affordability and Sustainability Enterprise (CHASE) Board meeting will take place via Zoom
(Meeting passcode: 979618) on Tuesday, April 26, 2022 at 3 p.m.

Additional information about the board, as well as meeting materials, are on the CHASE Board website
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