Jan. 8, 2024

Hospital Community Benefit Accountability Update


The Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF) would like to announce that a guidance memorandum is now available for reporting hospitals, following the implementation of House Bill (HB) 23-1243. The HB23-1243 guidance memorandum outlines the new annual Hospital Community Benefit Accountability (HCBA) requirements along with current requirements that remain unchanged. Note: rulemaking for the new requirements and provider training will be held in the spring of 2024. HCPF is sharing this information now so hospitals may make adjustments to their upcoming public meetings in line with the new law and may prepare for the additional reporting elements required with the next reporting cycle this summer.

This memorandum includes new and remaining requirements for annual public meetings, implementation forms, and the annual reporting template. 

The HB23-1243 guidance memorandum is available on the HCPF Community Benefit webpage.

For questions or concerns, please reach out to HCPF through the Hospital Community Benefit dedicated email: hcpf_hospitalcommunitybenefit@state.co.us.

Thank you.