I close up today's work on hospice stats and make a quick trip to the grocery store.

I turn my cart to a new aisle and see ...
Mother's Day Cards.
My heart fills with joy! Warmth.

Suddenly, I feel sad.

"Oh. I can't send her a card. Call her. Hear her voice."
Pulling back my tears, I turn my cart and shift my mind to today's more cognitive hospice stats.
  • ADC and LOS
  • PPD and DME
  • HR and EMR
  • CAHPS scores
  • More ... so much more ...
My heart and mind meld together with fresh questions for new stats.

  • How many mothers do we serve? Grandmothers?

  • How many daughters and sons are losing their Moms? How many grandchildren?
  • How many will we serve between now and May 12th?

  • Since Mother's Day 2018? (This is their first Mother's Day since death.)

  • By May 2020? (This is their last Mother's Day before death.)
How many meaningful moments can still be made? Might be lost?
I imagine, if only we could send ...

... a greeting card of some sort to all of these daughters and sons? To "grands" and other family?

Not just for Mother's Day, but whenever they need it? All year? 24/7!

Wherever they are?

From Serious Illness on into Hospice Care, and through Bereavement?
I remember our new, video libraries--from Composing Life--that are branded to our organization, for the families we serve!
I find these on my phone.
Back home, these videos speak to me.
While I miss my Mom, these give me comfort and hope.
From our video library, Family Support Through Serious Illness,
"Changing Roles and Goals"
From our video library, Hospice Training for Caregivers & Families,
From our video library, Want to Understand Your Grief?
I feel supported.
I found insights to help me understand unresolved "stuff" with Mom.
I'll know I'll go back for more.

I want others to use these valuable videos.

Do you want to use these, branded to your hospice?
What do you see that matches your needs?

Let's talk!

Simply reply to this email or ...
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CEO, Composing Life Out of Loss
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