30% of Hospice Patients are Dying in 7 Days or Less

  • How do you prepare families?
  • How well do you prepare them?
  • Why does it matter?
How do you prepare family who are present during hospice visits? Of course, with your great one-to-one education and printed resources. What else?
How do you prepare family who do not get to meet with your team? Especially when time is so short? Or, if hospice care is not in a home setting?
What if you could easily provide sensitive, compassionate resources to all family, 24/7?
Help all recognize what is happening?
Help all prepare?

Whom ever they are.
Where ever they are.
Right when they need it.
You can, with Composing Life's video libraries for hospice caregivers and family members. Your online delivery is branded to and customized for your hospice organization. Take a look ...
For Your Patients' Caregivers and Family Members
  • 10 videos, 5 minutes each
  • 24/7, unlimited access
  • Educational content and support themes correlate with the CAHPS-Hospice Survey, but never mention the survey to caregivers and family
  • Fosters better communication between the caregiver/family and your hospice teams
  • Request a preview, customized to your hospice
Companion Training for Your Hospice Teams and Patient Care Volunteers
  • Online training video, 9 minutes
  • What is the CAHPS-Hospice Survey? Why does it matter? What do you need to know and do?
  • Includes the caregiver/family's "Hospice Caregiving" library
  • Fosters better communication and preparation with families
  • Auto-graded quiz questions
  • Results for your Quality & Education
Why do these matter?
A Quick COPs Quiz for
Hospice Leaders
Composing Life's Video Libraries are Designed to
Reach, Teach, and Support
Hospice Caregivers and Families
This featured "Hospice Caregiving" online library (with its companion "CAHPS-Hospice Training for Teams" ) is available as a stand alone resource, or bundled with Composing Life's Trilogy of Video Libraries .
Family Support Through Serious Illness
  • Tending You and Your Family
  • 30 videos, 4 minutes each
  • Spans serious illness, palliative care, and hospice care
  • Addresses diverse needs of the whole family as they cope with the serious illness
Hospice Caregiving
  • Tending Your Loved One
  • 10 videos, 5 minutes each
  • Content correlates with the CAHPS-Hospice Survey (the survey is never mentioned to caregivers)
  • Companion module, "CAHPS-Hospice Training for Teams"
Want to Understand Your Grief?
  • Tending You and Others Experiencing Loss and Grief
  • 11 videos, 8 minutes each
  • For bereaved family and friends, donors
  • Great to use with your grief support groups
  • Evidence-based grief education for your employees and volunteers
Composing Life Out of Loss
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