Hospice Caregiving ... Gifts of Care
Your hospice gives gifts of care to your patients' caregivers each day, and every night.

Your best present is your presence.

Yes. Caregivers know you by your presence with them, by your professional expertise, your timely response, and by your deeply personal care and respect.
Your staff and volunteers give of their
eyes, ears, hands,
hearts, minds and souls.

They give care.
They live care.

They empower caregivers
--at their most challenging times--
to tend their loved one's changing needs through life's final, fragile months, weeks, days, hours and moments.
What about those moments in between your team's visits?
Not the big changes or questions that help caregivers initiate a call to your hospice, but rather the little ones? Often, it's a stirring inside. A question. A "not-knowing." A search.
How can your professionals and volunteers strengthen their presence, education, and support through those many, mini-moments in between the hospice team's visits and phone calls?

Especially when time is running out for your short Length of Stay patients, caregivers and their families?
  • Do most of your patients' primary caregivers keep a smartphone nearby?
  • Do they use it to keep in contact with their families and friends?
  • To surf the web for info?
  • To contact your hospice when they see a big change or need?

 Give Composing Life's New,
24/7 "Hospice Caregiving" Online Library

Not just now, but year-round.

To all.
For all.
  • Correlated with the standardized Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) - Hospice Survey Questions

  • 10 new online videos, with 24/7 access for all of your patients' primary caregivers and their families

  • Engaging, educational, practical, and supportive, fostering communication between primary caregivers and their hospice team

Teach Your
Hospice Staff and Volunteers
with Composing Life's New, "Hospice Caregiving" Online
Staff Training Module and
Graded Quiz

Not just now, but year round.
Our trilogy of online, educational and supportive video libraries is complete, spanning the continuum of care
from serious illness through hospice and bereavement care!
What strategic goals are you planning? Especially, related to your CAHPS - Hospice Surveys?

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