"Family" - "Families"
It's November 19th, 2018.

How will holiday visits from these family members affect your patients' Plans of Care?
  • Donna Out-of-Towner

  • Fiona Feed-'Em-More-Food

  • Freddie Find-a-Cure

  • William Who's-In-the-Will

  • Paula Praying-for-a-Miracle

  • Mabel Make-It-All-About-Me
Through the holidays, how does your hospice
cope with these COPs?
What education resources do you have ready

  • Before they come?
  • While they're here?
  • After they leave?

... And, while tending your stretched, stressed, holiday staff time and on call tasks?
Hear. Here.
We're Ready for You, So You Can Be Ready for Them!
"I wish we'd had these videos when Mom was in hospice. These would've helped me understand what all was going on. There's so much more emotional and practical support I could've provided, even from long distance. I know I would've been way more prepared when the end came."
24/7 Online Video Libraries
Branded to Your Hospice
For caregivers, family members, and friends
  • At the visit
  • Between visits
  • Even for family who never get to meet your team
10% Holiday Discount - Time Sensitive
Samples from Our "Family Support Through Serious Illness" Library
You still have time to use this with your bereaved families, donors, volunteers, staff, and community.
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Dr. Joy Berger
Composing Life, CEO