Order of Worship: March 24th

Palm Sunday


Bells: "Procession"


Special reading from Joyce Morreim

Candle Lighting

Proclamation readings

Call to Worship

Opening Hymn:

"Hosanna, Loud Hosanna"

Wave Your Palms!

Opening Prayer and Unison Prayer

Bells: "Jesus Loves Me"

Scripture Readings

Philippians 2:5-11

Psalm 31:1-5, 9-16

Lenten Song: "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross"

Scripture Reading: Mark 15:1-20

Hymn: "What Wondrous Love is This?"

Hosanna Reflections: Pastor Jen

Scripture Reading: Mark 15:21-39

Hymn: "O Crucified Redeemer"

Offering/Doxology/Offertory Prayer

Prayers of the People/The Lord's Prayer

Hymn: "I Stand Amazed in His Presence"

Blessing over our gifts to the Food Shelf



This Week at Grace:


Bible Study 9am

Bells rehearsal 1030am


Adult Bible study 4pm

Music rehearsal 4pm


Maundy Thursday worship service 6pm


Good Friday worship service 6pm

If you are planning to meet at Grace UMC, you need to call ahead or email the office to reserve space and to get your meeting on the church calendar. To adjust for heating needs, Pastor Jen MUST know if/when you are meeting.

Church Office Phone:


Grace Office Hours

Monday - Thursday

9 a.m. to noon


Online--available at


In-Person Worship Sunday--9am

Unison Prayer

Almighty God,

you sent your Son, our Savior Jesus Christ,

to suffer death on the cross.

Grant that we may share in his obedience to your will

and in the glorious victory of his resurrection;

Through Jesus Christ our Lord,

Who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,

One God, now and ever.


Call to Worship

L: Hosanna to the Son of David!

P: Hosanna in the Highest!

L: Blessed is the One who comes in the name of the Lord.

P: Hosanna in the Highest!

The Scriptures for next week are:

Psalm 18:19-24

Mark 16:1-8

Acts 10:34-43


Please pick up a copy of a special devotional that was created to use during Holy Week. May it enhance your daily prayer times.

Blessings to you!

-Pastor Jen

*You may contact the office or stop in to get one if you cannot make it to worship on Sunday; this could also be sent to you via an email link.

Mission Giving for March

Our missional giving for March is the Lakes Area Food Shelf. Thank you very much for all that has been given already to this worthy cause.

Please make a note on your gift if you want it designated to the monthly

missions, thank you!

On Easter Sunday, any money given for mission will go to our Youth Group budget for their activities, and some will most likely be used in December when they adopt a local family for Christmas gifts.

Lenten Food Challenge

We will be collecting food/funds along with a number of churches from the area to benefit the Lakes Area Food Shelf. This will be a friendly competition once again beginning on Ash Wednesday and going through Palm Sunday.

Although we have some weekly suggestions, the food shelf is actually low on regular food products at the moment, so give as you are called and able! Thank you!


2/11—General overview to get us started

2/18—peanut butter


3/3—canned meats and proteins

3/10—paper towel and toilet paper

3/17—wrap up and final offerings

3/24—blessing over the gifts


The Art of Christianity*

March 23rd, 11-2pm

*Please note this event has been cancelled due to a lack of interest.

With the warmer weather, you may be ready to start your Spring cleaning; as you do, please start to gather items to give to the church rummage sale. Soon we will have a space set-aside for you to bring items in.

Mark your calendars for the sale-- June 20th and 21st.

In the news,

click the red link to read.

There are a number of Easter Egg Hunts being held in our area. See the listing here Egg Hunts

Congratulations to Sonja Palmer on being named to the recent Dean's List at the U of M Minneapolis!

Red Cross blood drive at Pequot Lakes High School, Wednesday March 27th, 12-6pm. Call 866-236-3276 for appointments.

The church office is open Monday through Thursday, 9am until noon. Ring the doorbell and we will come to open the door!

The building and office are closed on Fridays and Saturdays.

Church office phone: 218-568-5755

-- Church office (for all general inquiries and administrative/clerical duties)


 -- Pastor Jen Matthees – jenmatt20@gmail.com

-- Ann Hutchings-Congregational Care Assistant- graceumccare@gmail.com

If you have something that should be added to this newsletter from your group or mission, please speak with Pastor Jen or email the details to her at jenmatt20@gmail.com. The E-Grace is generally completed by noon on Thursdays, so articles need to be received by Thursday 10am at the very latest.

If you wish to connect with me directly and it is not an emergency, please know that I will respond as needed during pretty regular office hours. I am generally in the church on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, from at least 10-1, call the office to be sure, as my weeks may vary. I check my emails frequently throughout the day, and this is the best way to contact me. Friday is my day off as needs allow.

-Pastor Jen

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Important note

If you are mailing something to the church, you must use our P.O. Box for the address. We do not receive mail at the church, and if you use the physical church address it will get returned and could delay your notices to us or offerings.

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