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Composting is the best way to dispose of your yard and garden wastes, including all those fallen leaves. In this article are resources and frequently asked questions on composting.
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Where are cranberries grown commercially?

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Amaryllis are flowering bulbs that are forced indoors for their spectacular blooms. These large bulbs should be potted in early to mid-November for bloom during the holidays. Learn more about potting, care, and getting the bulbs to bloom again!
By the end of November, many people will be purchasing and caring for the special plants that play a role in many holiday celebrations and traditions. Here are some resources to keep these plants healthy and beautiful.
All-America Selections has named its first round of winners from the 2023 trials! These winners were all grown and trialed at Reiman Gardens this summer. See the exciting new winners here.
Deer, rabbits, mice, voles, and other animals can cause a lot of damage to trees and shrubs over the winter months. Prevention is key to managing these garden pests. By taking steps in the fall, you can prevent damage from occurring over the winter.
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Garden Trivia Answer

Wisconsin is the leading producer of cranberries. The state produced 4.835 million barrels of cranberries in 2022. (A barrel weighs 100 pounds.) Other important cranberry producing states include Massachusetts (2.26 million barrels), New Jersey (563,000 barrels), and Oregon (400,000 barrels). While they are not easy to grow in Iowa, you can grow them at home. More information can be found here: Homeowner’s Guide to Cranberry Vine Propagation from the University of Massachusetts.
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