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Cucumbers (Cucumis sativus) are a vegetable garden staple. These vining plants are in the gourd family (Cucurbitaceae) and include not only cucumber, but squash, pumpkin, gourd, watermelon, and cantaloupe. This member of the "vine crops" grows on long trailing vines that can take up quite a bit of space in the home vegetable garden, so plan accordingly if you are thinking of adding them to your home garden. Cucumbers can be successfully grown on trellis systems to save space and make harvest easier.
Garden Trivia

True or False? Fertilizing the lawn in summer is a great way to keep it from turning brown over the hot summer months.

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The diversity of summer-blooming perennials is amazing and often attracts a diverse group of pollinators to the landscape. Learn more about the many perennials that bloom in Iowa during the heat of the summer.
Bed bugs and bat bugs are nearly identical to the naked eye, and both can be found in the home. Most individuals assume the identification of bed bugs due to widely available identification resources online, but a bat bug mistaken for a bed bug can result in hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars wasted on management, as bed bugs and bat bugs are managed differently. Learn how to identify differences between the two.
See what butterflies will take flight in July in the Iowa Butterfly Forecast. This series will continue monthly throughout the flight season.
“What tree should I plant in my yard?” is perhaps one of the most frequent questions we get. It’s a perfectly legitimate question, but one that can be difficult to answer. Difficult because there are so many choices, and the fact that not every tree will succeed in every landscape situation. Find the right tree for your landscape using these suggestions. Remember, tree lists are not like restaurant menus. Not every entrée or tree is suitable for every occasion. These lists will help you make the right decision for your unique landscape.
Sometimes, it seems as though plant problems in our yards and gardens pop up out of nowhere. One minute you think you’ve got a landscape in pristine health and the next, you’re like, “why is my tree looking so bad!?”
Most plant problems don’t happen that quickly. Here are some tips and tricks for identifying and tracking plant problems in your yard and garden.
All-America Selections has been trialing edible and ornamental plants for over 90 years, presenting awards to entries that will impress home gardeners with their performance regionally or nationally. There have been plenty of exciting winners that merit a place in your garden that will be highlighted in this series. 
From time-to-time homeowners choose to renovate their homes. Established strawberry beds should be renovated every year! 
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Garden Trivia Answer

False. The cool season grasses grown in Iowa grow best in temperatures between 60° and 75°F. In summer, average temperatures are well above that ideal range. Applications of fertilizer should coincide with favorable growing conditions. In Iowa, cool-season lawns can be fertilized in late October/early November, mid-September, and spring (April or May). Learn more about lawn fertilization in this publication: Lawn Fertilization
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