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RINO: Republican in name only. 
You're familiar with the label, right? Some would say the Republican Party is a lost cause, but the truth is, it's not the party's beliefs that are the problem, it's what the party's standard bearers do with the banner.

Let me quote a couple lines right out of the GOP platform:

"The massive federal government is structurally and financially broken. For decades it has been pushed beyond its core functions, increasing spending to unsustainable levels...Three programs-Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security- account for over 40 percent of total spending. While these levels of spending and debt are already harming job creation and growth, projections of future spending growth are nothing short of catastrophic, both economically and socially. And those dire projections do not include the fiscal nightmare of Obamacare, with over $1 trillion in new taxes, multiple mandates, and a crushing price tag."


The assumption here is that the GOP is actually going to DO something about it. But, what did 8 members of the Republican caucus in the Senate do yesterday? They voted with ALL the Democrats for a $1.7 billion increase in state spending through Medicaid expansion (read Obamacare) with money that will come from "Washington." 

Washington? Really? No, not really. It's money coming out of your pocket via the nation's capital for a program that will live forever. As Ronald Reagan said: 
"Government programs, once launched, never disappear. Actually, a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we'll ever see on this earth."

In four years or so, the federal spigot will run dry but you, the Michigan taxpayer will continue to foot the bill for Medicaid expansion. And it will be more than $1.7 billion per year.
So, what do we do? Abandon the GOP and form a third party?  Or, do we remake the GOP into what it was originally intended to be, the party of limited government and unbridled free enterprise? I choose the latter.

How do we accomplish this task? We need to clean House (and the Senate.) It is time to elect true, full spectrum conservatives who believe in and will follow the tenets of the Republican Party Platform. 

The Madison Project of Michigan-PAC was formed to accomplish that goal. We are finding candidates to run for office who have proven their mettle as real limited government conservatives. We will focus on open seats but, after what has happened in Lansing this summer, we have decided we will look carefully at one or two key incumbent races. It is time to "teach them a lesson." Those who did not see the light will now feel the heat, the heat of displeasure from constituents who did not get what they voted for. 

Are you ready to go RINO hunting? Join us by emailing your willingness to help us find candidates and by contributing generously to the Madison Project MI-PAC. Winning races takes money. Madison can support candidates substantially, but the funds need to be raised in the grass roots. The GOP will not take on ANY incumbents. They will protect them to the hilt. To root out the RINOs will take a lot of work and a lot of money. 

Help us now with a $100, $10, or $1000 contribution. Click here to join us. 

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