Thanks to lots of hard work by MCCF, our volunteers, and your generosity, MCCF was just certified as the North Coast’s MCCF Family Resource Center serving families from Westport to Elk. We have a Gold Star rating from GuideStar and a 31-year track record of excellence. A year ago on Mother’s Day, our storage was broken into. The outpouring of support from the community was heartwarming! You let us know that you would be there for us so we could be there for our community’s children.

We leased a centrally located building on the corner of Love and Hope at 200 E Redwood Avenue, Fort Bragg, just north of Purity Market.  We are working with our landlord to make essential code upgrades and frugal renovations of this historic 1906 (117 years old!) building. Our children and our community deserve to have a bright and beautiful center. We are excited to share that the ADA accessible bathroom was just approved by the City of Fort Bragg. We received a generous donation of used furniture from the Mendocino branch of the Savings Bank of Mendocino County. We now have a secure welcoming space where we can help all families raise healthy children because we all need each other when times are hard. 

We are opening a second location in one room of the old grammar school building in the town of Mendocino, sub-leased to us by our longtime partner, Community Center of Mendocino. As the MCCF Family Resource Center, our charter is to make sure all our children and families from Westport to Elk and inland to Comptche can have easier access to resources and reassurance.

MCCF prevents evictions by working with tenants and landlords. We help families find affordable and emergency housing programs. We fill out complicated applications in English and Spanish. MCCF provides sleeping bags to get kids through power failures and cold and stormy nights. We fund swim passes, year-round recreation, sports, and camp scholarships. We provide critical medical mileage, financial guidance, respect, confidentiality, and assistance to hard working families. We help with utility and water bills and provide financial aid and guidance due to adversity, illness, power failures, winter storms, short paychecks, and lost wages. We link families to services and services to families. We help grandparents raising grandchildren and young parents just starting out. We catch what other agencies can’t and find a way to make it better. From diapers to diplomas, we say yes.

You and our volunteers across the region join us on motorcycles and on walkers to make holiday toys and sports equipment available to hundreds of children. Thanks to you kids have new shoes, warm socks, and backpacks. None of this would be possible without you. MCCF is you, our community’s warm and caring heart.

This month of May, the month that honors Moms and children, we honor all that you make possible. Please donate to MCCF so we can keep being there for all coast children in a quickly changing and challenging world.

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MCCF provides access to essential guidance, services and funds for families with infants and children in need due to health, economic or personal circumstances.

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