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December 22, 2020
What is the Climate Emergency?
Climate Collaborative's Faith Communities Environmental Network members invite you to a 4-part discussion

Town Council adopts climate resolution 'An emergency demands action'

By Bronwen Howells Walsh, The Barnstable Patriot, November 25, 2020

A passionate group of students and residents like Jim Wolf of Cape Air helped sway the Barnstable Town Council to vote 9-2 and pass a Climate Emergency Resolution, strengthening the town’s commitment to sustainability.

"I hope Barnstable will be a leader in fighting climate change," said Allen Sundelin, a 7th-grader at Cape Cod Academy, who testified during public comment on Nov. 19. "In a matter of decades, my house could be underwater (due to rising sea levels). Action is needed now, before it is too late."

"Your decision on this matter will affect my life and future generations to come," echoed Sundelin's classmate, Jay Cornwall. Read more here.
Teens Fight For New Climate Change
Curriculum in Mass. Schools
By EVE ZUCKOFF, CAI, Nov. 24, 2020

Every week, more than a dozen student activists from around Massachusetts call into a Zoom meeting. Behind them are glimpses into their lives – superhero posters and hot pink bedroom walls.

“OK. So do we want to start off today's meeting with an agenda?” asked Nico Gentile, the 17-year-old climate organizer running today's meeting.

The Sandwich teen isn’t new to managing groups. Last year, Gentile helped bring together 100 students from 10 schools for the first-ever Cape and Islands Youth Climate Action Summit.
“Through that, I was able to see how beneficial and how important learning about climate change is, mostly because it kind of sparks a fuse to create action within your community,” Gentile said in an interview. “And I asked myself the question, ‘Why don't we do this more in our own schools?’” Read more or listen here.
Zinn Education Project documentary teaches climate advocacy and activism through film

This film takes up gripping questions at the heart of the fight to save the planet. As activists increasingly call for acts of civil disobedience and federal and state laws impose criminal penalties for pipeline activism, how do concerned citizens decide whether to join the resisters? What are the legal considerations and consequences of engaging in direct actions to stop the pipelines and oil trains? And how do regional activists form alliances across potential divisions, including race, gender, nationality, and class, in responding to the climate emergency?

For educators: Necessity is still a work in progress, but is available for classroom use by request and with the agreement that you will send feedback. A list of feedback questions will be provided to you when you request the film. Read more here.

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DID YOU KNOW? The Natural Resources Committee of the League of Women Voters of Falmouth has prepared a video on Falmouth's Progress Towards Sustainability. The video, about 28 minutes-long-- describes the town's Green Community designation, solar power installations, planning for climate change and other topics. It also provides links to many other primary information sources for detail on specific topics.


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