On Monday, January 15, 2024,

Eagle Home Inspections remembers and honors

a great American and world leader -

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968).

What can we each do to honor his memory

and continue his legacy? See the list below.

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a beautiful rendition of "We Shall Overcome."

"We Shall Overcome" sung by Morehouse College Glee Club (2009)

12 Important Lessons from MLK, Jr.

to Learn and Live By:

1. Dare to dream.

2. Love others.

3. Don’t judge by appearance.

4. Persevere!

5. Work hard.

6. Education is crucial.

7. Serve others.

8. Forgive.

9. Stand up for what is right.

10. Live life with purpose.

11. Believe in yourself.

12. Nothing is impossible.

Based on the article in Baby Chick entitled "12 Important Lessons from MLK to Teach Our Children."

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