Fighting Across the Pacific, Island by Island
With Memorial Day upon us, it is appropriate to think about those who have served our great country in wartime! Donald Brant, our Dad served in the Marine Corps, in the Pacific Theater, during WWII! Don grew up in Washington DC, the son of a WWI Navy Veteran, who was a Metropolitan Police Officer. Dad’s mom was a piano teacher. His older brother also served in the Marine Corps during WWII. Don Brant was born to serve!

Upon graduation from Central High School, our Dad enlisted in the Marine Corps and soon was off to train at Parris Island, South Carolina. Upon completion of Basic Training, He came home on ‘leave’ and married Frances McDermott, his high school sweetheart! Soon after, he was assigned to the 4th Marine Division and sent for more training at Camp Pendleton, CA.

His time in the Pacific was eventful. The 4th Marine Division was a new Division which stood up specifically to fight across the Pacific, island by island! It was made up of mostly young, raw, inexperienced recruits. These fellows quickly learned of the terrors of war and the hardships that were entailed. They fought the Japanese army across Kwajalein, Saipan, Tinian, and Iwo Jima! Don received a number of commendations for his performance under fire, one of which was the Purple Heart. The success of the Marines in this war has been applauded through history!

On this weekend, let us remember with hope and love all of those who served as Dad did, sacrificed as he did, and loved this country as Dad did!!!

Respectful Memorial Day,
The Brant Boys
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