July 3, 2024 | Greater LA Scouting, Scouting America

Honoring Tradition: Scout Troop 483 Leads Glendora Flag Retirement Ceremony

Scout Troop 483 of Glendora stood proudly alongside the Daughter of the American Revolution in a solemn observance of honor and tradition at the annual Flag Retirement Ceremony. Led by Scoutmaster Peter Wellington, the troop meticulously carried out the time-honored rituals under clear skies and a watchful community.

Gathering flags deemed no longer fit for display throughout the year, Troop 483 gathered at the designated field, where a fire pit awaited. With precision and reverence, each flag—be it the Stars and Stripes in various sizes, the California flag, or poignant symbols like the Marine Corps, POW, and MIA flags—was presented to the assembled crowd before being respectfully retired through the ceremonial burning.

In a dignified sequence overseen by Wellington, the Scouts conveyed each flag to its farewell as attendees, including local dignitaries such as council members Gary Boyer, Michael Allawos, and Karen Davis, paid their respects. The event culminated with a poignant reading of "I AM THE FLAG," underscoring the ceremony's profound significance.

Amidst the crackling of the flames and the solemnity in the air, grommets from the retired flags were carefully gathered from the cooled embers. These remnants, once symbols of service and sacrifice, were entrusted to veterans as enduring mementos, ensuring that the spirit of each retired flag would live on in their keeping.

The Glendora Flag Retirement Ceremony, steeped in custom, tradition, and the utmost respect, brought together Scouts, American Legion members, veterans, first responders, and civic leaders in a poignant display of honor for our nation's symbols. It was a testament to the enduring values that bind communities and generations together in reverence for the flag and what it represents.

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Office Closure Notice for Independence Day

Please note that our office will be closed on July 4th and 5th in observance of Independence Day. We will resume normal business hours on Monday, July 8, 2024. Thank you for your understanding, and have a safe and enjoyable holiday!

Moments like this are why Scouting is for EVERYONE!

Lucas from Troop 774 shares his inspiring journey through Scouting:

“I started my Scouting journey in Kindergarten and it has been incredible. Last year, I went to a camp on Catalina Island, despite being nervous about the ocean and being away from my parents. Once I joined the activities, my nerves faded, and I built my confidence. This year, Camp Big Horn was a blast. The staff there is amazing, offering unforgettable experiences like animation and zipline merit badges. Scouting has helped me make friends, discover new things, and become more confident. I encourage everyone to join Scouting in America!”

Way to go Lucas! We are so glad to see you enjoying your summer camp experience!

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Volunteers Needed at Trask

Calling all Scouts and Scouters! Trask Scout Reservation seeks volunteers for brush abatement, BB gun Range improvements, and other essential projects. Adults with skills in tile work, chainsaw use, tractor operation, drywalling, and more are especially welcome.

Contact Ranger Anthony at Anthony.Villalobos@scouting.org to lend your expertise and support. Let's work together to enhance our Scout Reservation and community!

Community Celebration: Watts School Fair Highlights

Unit Coordinators Alfredo and Francisco joined forces at Florence Griffith Joyner Elementary in Watts for a spirited End of School fair organized by the Children’s Institute. Alongside partners like the LA Rams, Su Casa, and LA County representatives, they delighted over 200 caregivers and children with fun fair games, creating a joyful and memorable community event.

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Outstanding Eagle Scout Award Nominations

The Greater LA Scouting Eagle Scout Association Chapter is currently accepting nominations for the National Eagle Scout Association Outstanding Eagle Scout Award. This is a prestigious recognition granted by the local council’s NESA committee to Eagle Scouts who have demonstrated outstanding achievement at the local, state, or regional level. The NOESA recognizes Eagle Scouts whose efforts have made a positive impact in the community.

Nominations are due Oct 31st, 2024 and should be emailed to fochoa@scouting.org

Friends of Scouting enrollment provides a means for enlisting the support of adults who have a specific interest in and relationship to Scouting so that they can help provide a quality program of Scouting for youth.


For more information on Friends of Scouting Contact FOS Chair, Nora Liu at fos@greaterlascouting.org

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