Homeward Hounds Boot Camp - April 2021
We Still Need Volunteers!!
It is a great honor and responsibility for Tryon Hounds to care for our hounds for their entire lifetime. This responsibility includes finding wonderful homes for each hound when hunting with our pack is no longer possible. 
As you may know, we are in the process of formalizing the Tryon Hounds' Retirement and Rehoming program, known as Homeward Hounds. We have built a website (to be launched soon!), prepared the paperwork, and identified the lucky hounds that we think will make really great pets and can transition easily to living in a home.
We are at the point where we need some help from our Tryon Hounds membership!
For 3 weeks starting on April 12, we will be running the Homeward Hounds Boot Camp for 5 or 6 hounds on Mondays and Wednesdays at 1 pm. Most sessions will last an hour or so - several might be 2 hours long. We are looking for volunteers to attend all 6 sessions to help us prepare our retirees for their lives beyond the kennels. 
Depending on your response, we will assign each volunteer 1 hound (or if we get really lucky, we will assign a 2 member team to each hound) for the duration of Boot Camp. We will be working on general socialization skills and will have the help of a professional trainer for some part of the training. We plan to hold a 'graduation day' field trip and take the group to Harmon Field or TIEC for their final test.
This will be a really fun experience, and a great way for our members to get to know and understand more about our hounds. The added benefit will be seeing these hounds well prepared to embark on their future lives as much loved members of their adoptive families. 
Tryon Hounds takes this responsibility very seriously and offers you this chance to participate in preparing our special hounds for their next phase of life.
If you would like to be a part of Homeward Hounds Boot Camp in April, please email Beth at
We appreciate your help in getting this program off the ground!