Happy New Year!
We hope this year brings everyone everything the wish for! Here's to another great year in Homestead!
Pet Etiquette
Owning a pet is a great responsibility, and cleaning up after them and keeping them from barking all the time is part of that responsibility. Please take a bag or two with you on walks. Don't let pets run free, they should be leashed at all times when not on your property, and please be aware of their barking. You may think it's normal noise but neighbors may not. Be courteous and proactive in addressing these pet owner responsibilities!
Holiday Lights & Décor
If you still have lights and décor up from last month's holidays, it's time to get them taken down. All holiday lights and décor should be removed within 30 days of the holiday in which they were put up for. Please make arrangements today. 
Motor Bikes
Motorized bikes are not permitted in the common areas. We understand many have these fun toys, however the common areas are not the place for riding them.
The 2020 dues statements have been sent. Please keep a look out for them, as dues are due January 1st, and late after the 31st.  There is a new processing system for payment by credit card, and it charges the card holder the convenience fee. You may also pay by e-check online, or send a check via your bill pay. Just be sure to update the address with our new location 2929 W. Navigator Dr. Suite 400 Meridian, ID 83642.
Don't forget to participate in the Census. It's important, and helps with congressional representation as well as federal funding for many civic purposes like roads, bridges, schools, and emergency services.
Annual Meeting

Pool Opens
May 22

Spring Garage Sale
June 13

Pool Closes

Fall Garage Sale
September 12



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Hours: Monday - Thursday 8 am- 4:30 pm, Friday 8 am - Noon