Irrigation Turn Off
It is officially fall, and we're starting to see and feel it outside. Be sure to take this time to prepare for colder weather. Water is set to shut down and stop running October 15th, which means pumps will begin shutting down the night before on October 14th, so be sure to finish your outside projects, get in your last fertilizer, plant bulbs, and do a fall trimming. Don't forget to schedule your own sprinkler winterizations after water shuts off.

Pool Closure
We have been watching the weather very closely, and we're definitely seeing cooler temps and less use with school routines and schedules starting. This will be the last weekend of swimming. The pool will officially close down on Monday, September 28th. We greatly appreciate everyone's patience and help this season as we all navigated through COVID-19. 

It seems that a lot of folks like to go fast in the neighborhood. Please take a minute to slow down. There have been continued reports of speeding in the community by contractors and neighbors alike. If you can, please report speeders to the police at 208-938-2260.

City Code Violations
The community has seen a lot of growth, and with that growth new concerns have emerged. There have been reports of theft, vandalism (egging), trespassing, not leashing pets, and parking unlicensed vehicles or recreation vehicles on the streets. While the Association does send letters and reach our on some things, there are other items like these that can be reported Code Enforcement directly. You may even submit a concern online. 
Play Structures & Trampolines
We have reached out to a lot of residents over the summer about play structures, trampolines and even basketball stands. There are very specific rules regarding these items in the ACC Guidelines located online in the community documents. Trampolines must be in ground only. Portable basketball stands are not allowed in the front yard. Play structures have height limitations without neighbor approval, and much more. Be sure you know these rules and get ACC approval before getting something like this installed. The ACC form to fill out and return with a site plan is online next to the ACC Guidelines. 

Annual Meeting

Pool Closes
September 28



Ann Marie Baird, Association Manager / Brighton Corporation

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