Give your children the individualized education only a parent can provide. There is no shortage of learning programs and engaging curricula for the home-educated that provides you with support and resources at your fingertips. Scroll through these educational gems that cover every subject for every child–you just may come across the new best thing for your family!
American Heritage Education Foundation
The American Heritage Education Foundation (AHEF) is a trusted non-profit organization that provides FREE, award-winning, patriotic K-12 lesson plans and teaching resources—on America’s founding documents, history, and philosophy—for teachers and homeschoolers. AHEF also provides signature, critically-acclaimed readings on the Bible’s historical influence on America’s governing principles and values. These supplemental resources will strengthen any K-12 curriculum in Social Studies, U.S. History, U.S. Government, Civics, American Philosophy & Political Thought, Western Civilization, & Historical Influence of the Bible.

With AHEF’s resources, students will better understand America’s founding ideas and values, what it means to be an American, and their own responsibilities as citizens. As a result, they will more likely become productive, contributing members of society, participate in civic activities, and be well-informed voters. These outcomes benefit our nation and future.

AHEF’s resources are available as free PDF downloads or for purchase in print on AHEF’s website,

No cost to sign up!
Curiosity Untamed
Thousands of Homeschool Badges!

Looking for a way to get your kids excited about education this year? Curiosity Untamed has requirements for thousands of different badges to satisfy any child’s curiosity.

Badges are a great way to incentivize learning and reward kids for knowledge or skills learned. Explore nine Areas of Discovery:

  • Discover Agriculture
  • Discover Art
  • Discover Character
  • Discover Health and Safety
  • Discover the Home
  • Discover Knowledge
  • Discover the Outdoors
  • Discover Science and Technology
  • Discover the World

“For every learning experience we can be sure ’there’s a badge for that!’ If not, we can write one. I love that my daughter and I can participate and learn together.”
- Bethany B.

Curiosity Untamed’s scouting style badges are the perfect outline for unique unit studies and have been used by thousands of families for more than 15 years.

“I love everything about Curiosity Untamed – earning whatever badges the kids are interested in, not having to teach different things to different ages, the ability to strive for higher awards, the flexibility for ‘quirky’ kids, the support from headquarters and other parents… all of it!”
– Katie L. – Homeschool Mom and Club Leader

Curiosity Untamed badges are button-style pins or magnets, not patches, so there is no sewing required. Display them on a vest, jacket, bulletin board, or even on your fridge! Pin badges are only $1.10 each and magnets are $1.50. No subscription necessary to shop in the store.

Give your child a love of learning by letting their curiosity run untamed!
iCEV is the world’s leader in Career & Technical Education (CTE). With iCEV’s innovative, learning-on-demand platform, homeschool parents and students have access to pre-built, fully-customizable courses complete with multimedia lessons and supporting coursework, including project and activity outlines, knowledge checks and assessments.

Get unlimited access to iCEV’s vast online curriculum library. With over 100 courses covering eight CTE subject areas and 16 Career Clusters, iCEV offers the largest online library of CTE courses available. One subscription grants you access to everything we’ve ever created within your given subject area. Plus, we are always expanding our course offerings to reflect changing industry needs.

Are you interested in incorporating CTE into your homeschool program?

Visit the iCEV website to learn how you can connect careers to the homeschool classroom. 

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Walk Thru the Bible
Walk Thru the Bible – OT39 Flashcards

Take your child on a walk through the Old Testament!

Walk Thru the Bible’s OT39 Flashcards set is an innovative, memorable, and FUN way to learn the “big ideas” of the Old Testament! Eye-catching graphics filled with lots of hidden keys help unlock the big ideas of each book—from Genesis to Malachi.

The OT39 Flashcards set comes with one card for each book of the Old Testament. Side 1 of each card is a colorful, fun illustration that shows the major theme (or keyword) of each book of the Old Testament. Side 2 of each card details the big idea and the overview of the book.

Once each clue is discovered and the key to the visuals is learned, your child will be able to describe with incredible detail the major theme of each book of the Old Testament. Use the cards as a game, as fill-in-the-blanks, as a memory tool, and more!

With the OT39 Flashcards, your child will discover the important themes, people, and events in the Old Testament. It’s a fun way to teach and learn the big picture of the Old Testament, and best of all, you’ll be amazed at how much they’ll remember for years to come! And as they’re learning, your kids will be captivated by the fun graphics, have fun meeting all types of people (like Ruth and David, Esther and Haggai, and more!), and learning the important events of the Old Testament.

The Keyword Learning System also includes NT27 Flashcards, as well as OT39 and NT27 Coloring Books and PPT Slideshows.
Marshall Cavendish
Singapore Math is a popular, effective, and affordable homeschool curriculum option known for rich problem-solving and rigorous mathematics. However, it can feel a bit overwhelming to teach as a homeschool educator if this is not how you learned math. With the new Primary Mathematics 2022 edition, you’ll have all the support and resources needed to make math challenging and fun for your student!

Why Home Instructors Love the New Primary Mathematics 2022 Edition:

  • Rich problem-solving and rigorous mathematics
  • New vibrant student resources with real-world problems that engage, inspire & fuel student growth
  • Instructor resources (including video subscription program) are comprehensive and easy to use
  • Award-winning Singapore Math® curriculum is effective and affordable

Those familiar with the current Primary Mathematics editions will recognize the basic components – Student Book, Workbook, Home Instructor Guide with the proven Singapore Math approach; but the 2020 edition has improved user-friendliness and bright, engaging components that you and your student will love. For those not already familiar with Singapore Math, Primary Mathematics 2022 makes every lesson and learning objective teachable, relatable and achievable.

Marshall Cavendish Education is dedicated to supporting the unique needs of homeschooling families with our commitment to excellence and ease of use. Our student and instructor materials and resources ensure that your homeschool curriculum meets the highest standards. Together, we can provide an effective and affordable homeschool curriculum where success is celebrated by students and families alike.

Real Reading Co.

Reading and Spelling Pure & Simple takes students from being nonreaders to being confident, full-fledged readers in 90 lessons.


The lessons in Reading and Spelling Pure & Simple are carefully engineered to ensure success, both for the student and the instructor. A teaching background or in-depth knowledge and understanding of phonics is not a prerequisite for the person conducting the lessons. If the teacher, aide, tutor, or parent can read, he or she can use this book to teach someone else to read.

Each lesson comes with one page of easy-to-follow instructions. The method is the same for all 90 lessons, providing a predictable routine with which everyone will be comfortable.

If your goal is to create an authentic, self-assured reader and you are looking for a program to equip you in every way, this book is for you. No frills, complicated lessons, or lengthy explanations . . . just a solid, ingenious reading program that works . . . pure and simple!

Order online today at!

Note: The lessons in Reading and Spelling Pure & Simple teach the letter and sound patterns of the English language. Students learn to associate alphabet letters and letter combinations with their assigned sounds. Concepts are explained in terms of “patterns” rather than “rules”—a less intimidating approach for most students. Spelling and word comprehension are emphasized throughout the curriculum. These lessons have been successfully used in Tier 2 (Response to Intervention) programs.
Heron Books
Young Scientist Series

Ignite your student’s love of learning with the Young Scientist Series by Heron Books.

This is a complete science curriculum for grades 4-6. It includes the anatomy of the human body, body systems and functions, the circulatory system, using a microscope and microscope activities, plants and gardening, and beginning electricity with well-described and illustrated concepts like Ohm’s law, voltage, circuits, batteries, and so much more!

This beautifully illustrated book series was created with simple but informative explanations and lessons that are easy for students to understand. The activities are easy for students to do independently.

Traditional “lesson planning” has been reinvented with our new Student Learning Guides, where the students use a checklist to take themselves through the lessons and activities at their own pace, with teacher check-ins where they can demonstrate their understanding and competence at the end of each lesson or unit.

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