August, 2016
" Our Children are Homeschooled, too!"
Vol. X, Issue  8

Hands on learning during a Homeschool Nature Journaling Workshop. 

Next workshop is Monday, August 22!

Nature Journaling
A Backyard Discovery
To do at Home...


  Nature Journaling Workshop

August 22

  • Learn and practice four different ways of nature journaling  in our beautiful setting.
  • Art coaching
  • Special journaling tour through the park
9 am - 3 pm : $27

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Cheetah Class + Tour


August 30


Come learn about,


and fall in love

with our amazing cats!




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Class + Tour


Come see these vanishing giants of the animal kingdom!

Watch them, learn about them and about the tug-of-war struggle going on over their fate. 


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BOTH SEPT. 12 & 20



10 am - 3 pm



Plants at Home

and in the Wild 

October 18


It is hard to say too much about how important plants are!  We will look at what plants do for us and for all the species around them.


We will visit our keyhole garden; learn how to make one at home

and even build a little model of one.


We'll also visit our pollinator garden.


$23 per particiapant


Call 254.897.2960


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 Fossil Fun!

October 24

  • Hike to our fossil pit
  • Learn about rocks and fossils
  • Find and identify fossils
  • Keep 3 to take home!


Fossil dig        10 - noon    $8

Guided tour               1-3  $15


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Enjoying journaling!


Nature journaling is a great way to  enrich your enjoyment of nature and what you learn about and through nature.  It also gives you a record of what you have learned and experienced.



Read our second of two articles on suggestions for making the most of nature journaling... here.


The first article from last month is available here.

WHY take the time and trouble to do nature journaling???  
BECAUSE there are so many beautiful, amazing things to see and discover in nature!!! 
One of our own, Garisson Baggett, pictured here, discovered a colorful bird species in his own back yard this month.  (This 'discovery' means it was a new bird to Garrison, not a previously  undiscovered species.)  As the above article discusses, picture taking works hand-in-hand with nature journaling!  Both are ways of recording and learning more about the things we see in nature.  And those pictures you take can be printed and placed in your journal as part of the growing record of species and events and learning!  Here are two pictures Garrison captured of his discovery:

TO DO AT HOME......  find out what this bird is! The bird in Garrison's pictures is about 5-6 inches long and lives in the southern US in the summer. (You can see the blue head, the red breast and belly; what is hard to see is the green back.) 

1. What is the common name of this bird species?
2. What is its scientific name (in Latin)?
2. Is this a male or a female of this species?  (in this species the male and female have very different coloring.)
3. Where does this species migrate to in the winter months?

You can find these answers, among other places, in bird field guides and at Cornell University's website:  http://www.birds.cornell.edu/Page.aspx?pid=1478


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'Til next time... Keep Discovering!

Mark Phillips
Homeschool Coordinator

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