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Mass. home health workers win wage hike to $15 an hour
Boston Globe

This is important, since it promotes an elusive idea: If you work hard, 40-50 hours a week, you should make enough to get by.
Innovation sputters in battle against climate change
The New York Times

Reports the New York Times, "In the race to develop technologies to slow climate change, the world is off track." Which means it's high time to put a price on carbon, as my legislation will do for Massachusetts.
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Insurance premiums for local homeowners are rising by as much as 9%.  Historically bad winter, no question.  Still, is the Division of Insurance making sure that rates are fair and not padded?  Will future rates come down if the weather returns to normal?  As Chair of the State Senate's special committee on executive branch oversight, I'll conduct a public hearing in September to find out.

The industry is supposed to set aside reserves in advance for the occasional tough year.  I want to hear explanations from insurance executives and Division of Insurance regulators, and comments from consumer advocates.  I hope the Division did its due diligence before approving such big increases.  Let's see if it did.
On global warming, President Obama's EPA is moving the U.S. towards more enlightened policies, directing each state to fashion a compliance plan.  I want Massachusetts to "put a price on carbon," a practical yet aggressive response to the threat of climate change.








Sen. Mike Barrett

ADA turns 25
The Americans with Disabilities Act is a revolution in empowerment for citizens with physical, cognitive and emotional challenges.  Advocates marched through Boston Common recently to mark the ADA's 25th anniversary. 
Financial literacy leaders

By addressing nitty-gritty matters of managing dollars and cents, Budget Buddies extends a hand to hardworking local women who are running households and family finances. Joined by a longtime mentor-student pair who are now fast friends, Budget Buddies' cofounders met recently with State Treasurer Deb Goldberg to discuss financial literacy for women across Massachusetts.


From left to right: Liz Gustin, Budget Buddies coach; cofounder Kathy Brough; cofounder Anita Saville; Treasurer Goldberg; Jacki Rodriguez, Budget Buddies student; and moi.

Hockey and reading: a dynamic combination

Show of hands: Who thinks Massachusetts is the number one reading state and the number one hockey state?  Joined by a roster of Boston Bruins rookies, I helped kick off a statewide summer reading program at the Chelmsford Public Library.  1.4 million kids and adults have taken part in the initiative, sponsored by the Mass. Board of Library Commissioners.  To further interest the kids, the players listed their favorite children's books.