Volume 5 Issue 4 | October 2021
Minutes from past meetings and dates of upcoming meetings can be found here.
The next HSC meeting is Monday, November 15th at 7:00 p.m. on Zoom.
Email us any time with questions or suggestions: president@leighhsc.org.
Highlights from Principal Kara Butler
  • Leigh is undergoing an evaluation by The Education Trust-West, a nonprofit that is working with CUHSD to study ways to close opportunity gaps for students in our district and make sure all students have equitable access to a high school experience that prepares them for college and careers. The organization will be talking to various groups including students, parents, and school staff. Each high school in the district will be evaluated and a report will be issued.

  • Our Homework Center has moved to the library. Some teachers have signed up to supervise, and we hope more students will take advantage of this opportunity now that it is more centrally located.

  • Intervention Tutorial has started for students who had a D or F on their report card. This will provide extra, small-group support for these students.

  • Academic Support is available for students through the 24hr online tutoring service, Paper Tutoring. Peer tutoring is also available Mon-Thurs after school in the Homework Center.

  • Additional information on the Homework Center, Paper Tutoring and Intervention Tutorial can be found on our school website.
Highlights from Teacher Representative Celeste Smiley
As always, Ms. Smiley's monthly report is loaded with information and updates, including:
  • General Info
  • Teacher Training
  • Class News
  • Club News
  • Campus photos

Physics students dive into collaborative problem solving and share their solutions with their peers.
Highlights from Student Representative Isabela M.
Past events/activities
  • Homecoming Week: each day of the week was a different Spirit Day, followed by the Homecoming Game Friday night 10/15 and Homecoming Dance Saturday night 10/16.
  • October was LGBTQ+ History Month.

Upcoming events/activities
  • Each class (freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors) is planning a class fundraiser.
  • Leigh is planning a staff basketball game with Leigh teachers vs Branham teachers on Nov 3 after school. This is the same week as the Leigh-Branham student football game (Nov 5).

Additional information:
Highlights from College & Career Specialist, Nathalie Goricanec

  • Join CCC Remind to receive notifications of College Representative visits and Mrs. G's coffee dates: text @38df to 81010

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays, the CCC volunteers are working 1-on-1 with students on their college essays.

  • Parents and guardians are invited to the CCC for Coffee with Mrs. G on Fridays at 1PM.

  • The CCC coordinates an enrichment opportunities page, which lists volunteer opportunities, academic enrichment programs, internships, and jobs for students. Please encourage your students to visit this page. Help is needed sourcing more opportunities:
  • If you know of volunteer opportunities, send email to longhornsccc.comserv@gmail.com
  • If you know of jobs and internship opportunities, send email to longhornsccc.jobs@gmail.com
  • If you know of academic and enrichment programs, send email to lohnghorsccc.enrpgm@gmail.com

  • The schedule for College Representative visits is available on the CCC Calendar. Other college and career resources are available on the school website.
District & CHSTA Update
For information on the District and teachers’ union negotiations, please refer to the following links:


Thank you to everyone who donated to our Annual Giving Drive for the 2021-22 school year. We have reached our goal of $30,000! We truly appreciate your generosity. We have also received $7,199 in corporate matching. Thank you so much for your support!

Your donations are making an impact and ensure that we can support important programs for our students. It takes a Village… this is YOUR Village! Thank you for making a difference at Leigh!

If you would still like to donate, you can donate online or mail a check: make payable to Leigh Home & School Club; mail to: Leigh Home & School Club, 5210 Leigh Ave, San Jose, CA 95124. You can also donate stock to the HSC. If you have already donated to the Home & School Club, check out our Double the Donation online tool to quickly and easily see if your employer will match your donation.
Any questions, contact Amy Hogg, Leigh HSC Treasurer, at treasurer@leighhsc.org.

Thank you for making a difference!
Your support matters and is greatly appreciated!

We are excited to share that we have recently received two large donations from Leigh families:

  • $22,960 ... donation from an anonymous donor, via Stock Donator
  • $10,788 ... donation from an anonymous donor, via Stock Donator

Our Leigh community would like to say a very sincere thank you to both of these families for their incredibly generous donations. We are truly grateful for your support. The HSC will work closely with Ms. Butler to ensure the funds will be used in the most impactful way. Details will be shared in upcoming newsletters regarding how the funds will be allocated. Thank you to these families for making such a difference for our students and our staff at Leigh!

College Application Fee Scholarships
  • In collaboration with staff, a decision was made to provide scholarships of up to $140 per student to help cover college application fees for those who need financial support. A motion was passed to fund the program up to $870.

The following staff grants were approved for funding at our October HSC Meeting:
  • $30 - AP Gov & Sociology annual hot cocoa for finals day.
  • $20 - AP Gov for sticker paper to make bumper stickers about interest groups.
  • $700 - Science Olympiad registration fee for two teams to compete at regionals.
  • $610 - Spanish and French magazines

Our Mental Health Support coordinator Kristin Welter and her team are working closely with our Leigh Administration to develop a Wellness Center on campus. The Wellness Center will provide a safe, supportive environment where students can go for services and information on overall wellness, including mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. It will be staffed by an adult trained in mental health and will be accessible to all students with a time-restricted pass they get from their teacher as well as during scheduled class breaks.

The team would very much appreciate your feedback on the space and the resources offered to students. Please complete this Wellness Center survey by end of TODAY. Thank you for your input!

On Sunday, October 24, 2021 a storm hit the Bay Area causing devastating damage to the Leigh High School annual haunted house. LHS theater teacher Jonathan Yani and his students immediately sprang into action, assessing the destruction and making plans for how the structure might be rebuilt.

Emails and social media messages were sent out to the Leigh community asking for help from adults to clear debris, deconstruct walls that were beyond repair, and begin to rebuild. By 5PM on Monday, October 25th, over 50 members of the LHS community and beyond showed up with power tools, optimism and enthusiasm. The next night a smaller group showed up to do it again. After three days of intense work, what could have been a story of devastation and disappointment has turned into one of camaraderie, community, and kindness: The Haunted House was completely rebuilt with a slightly altered footprint and opened as planned for the final weekend of performances.

Message from Mr. Yani: "I'm overwhelmed with the generosity of this community," continues Yani. "My theater students, our administration, our parent volunteers, and our neighbors pulled together and pulled off a miracle."


On Saturday, October 9th, 25 intrepid members of the Leigh community, including students, parents, and school administrators, showed up to spread mulch, plant flowers and trees, and clean up the campus. Thank you to everyone who rolled up their sleeves and helped out. A big shout out to Kelly Masini, Tamiko House, Lara Blom, and Ashleigh Coffeng for leading this project to beautify our school!

  • You can now add school calendars to your phone, tablet, and computer. Go to the calendar page on the school website, select the calendar you wish to add, then click on subscribe. The following calendars are available:
  • Events (all-school events, holidays etc)
  • Athletics (sports games)
  • ASB Activities (on campus student events and activities)
  • College & Career Center (CCC events & activities, College Rep Visits etc)
  • A/B and Collaboration/Minimum days (add to your calendar and always know which day is which!)

  • The Leigh High School Marching Band Friends & Family Show is this Thursday Nov 4 from 7-7:30pm at Leigh (in the bowl). This is a great opportunity to see the full show "Synesthesia" without the crowds and comp fees. Suggested arrival time is 6:30pm. Let’s fill the stands and show the band our support!

  • Our students have the opportunity to take classes at a local community college. Learn more about dual enrollment, concurrent enrollment, middle college, and college advantage.

  • During Distance Learning, an amazing group of parent volunteers and staff put together an Adulting 101 curriculum for our students. This is available on the HSC website and includes Finance 101, Cooking 101, Mindfulness & Stress Management 101, Job Skills/Resume Building 101, and Housekeeping 101.
Monday, November 15, 7pm - Zoom

We invite you to join us for our next Home & School Club meeting. Zoom link is below. Dates for all future HSC meetings are here - mark your calendar!


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