Volume 3 Issue 6 | December 2019
Home & School Club
Next Home & School Club meeting: January 27th at 7pm in the Leigh Library.
All are welcome.
Meeting dates for 2019-20 as well as minutes from past meetings are available  here
Highlights from the December 2019 HSC Meeting
Principal Kara Butler shared the following updates:
  • Shadow Day: 500 incoming 9th graders descended on Leigh and added a wonderful energy to the school. They visited electives, got tours of the campus, and had an electives fair and rally to round out their day.
  • Art Night Out: Kim Bartel held her second Art Night Out event and it was amazing. Participants had snacks and learned while we aren't professional artists, everyone’s picture was clearly a snowman.
  • WASC Collaboration: We gathered in our Focus Groups to read Chapter 3 and provide feedback.

  • Stress Relief: Our amazing Leadership class, with help from Bring Change To Mind, organized meditation, hot chocolate (handed out by counselors), and puppies to help everyone relax a little.
  • 9th Grade Check-Ins: The counselors met with each of their 9th graders to introduce themselves and talk about what their role was in supporting them. They are compiling patterns of information they got from students and these will be shared with staff.
  • She Kills Monsters: The play wrapped up this last weekend. It was a great performance with a lot of laughs that didn't undermine the seriousness of some of the themes.

  • Course Requests: We will do Course Requests the week of Jan 20th with verification going out the end of February.
  • AP/Honors/Elective Tutorials: We are trying something new and holding tutorials one week before and one week after course selection. A schedule will go out right when we return.
  • Info Nights: The Incoming 9th grade Info Night is Jan 16th 6:30-8:30 pm and our 9th-11th Parent Info Night is Jan 29th 6:30-8:00 pm.
Teacher representative Celeste Smiley reported the following:
Teachers have been participating in a “Wacky Winter” Sweater Contest each Wednesday in December.
Autism Program
Leigh's Autism program attended the annual Winter Dance at Branham last Friday, the 13th of December. Our students had a great time socializing, dancing, snacking, making new friends, and meeting friends who attend other schools! Our class plans to attend 3 more of these special dances throughout the year (1 more at Prospect and 2 out of the district) and will be joined by Ms. William's class in at least one of the other outings.
Physics Teachers would like to thank everyone who came out to support our students in the 8th Annual Pumpkin Chunkin Trebuchet Contest after school last Monday, Dec. 9. It truly was a Fam-Leigh affair. Thank you to the teachers and administration who assisted us in making sure every trebuchet had an opportunity to launch their pumpkins: Mr. Orr, Ms Dhanani, Mr. Gallagher, Ms. Wassell, Ms. Goricanec, Ms. Sanchez, Mr. Roe, Ms. Grohs, and Mrs. Butler. 

Culinary Arts
Students picked a cultural dish, made it and then talked about the land or the area it comes from and how the food is grown and prepared. They were then presented to teachers. The students also prepared soup for the staff last week and we got to enjoy their yummy cooking!
Chromebook Drive - Giving Tuesday Update
A huge THANK YOU to the very generous Leigh families who contributed, via donations and corporate matches, a total of $6,941 for our Chromebook Drive on Giving Tuesday!

Coupled with the matching funds from another very generous donor, that amount is now $13,882. This same donor has also offered to donate an additional $3,000, bringing the total up to $16,882. That adds up to:

  • 56 Chromebooks, which outfits almost 2 full classrooms!

Thank you for making a difference at Leigh. This donation will have a very big impact on our students. We are so very grateful!

If you were planning to donate to the Chromebook Drive, you have not missed your opportunity to support Leigh in this way. We still have ongoing needs to outfit an additional 3 classrooms with new Chromebooks. Donate online or mail a check to Leigh Home & School Club, Leigh High School, 5210 Leigh Ave, San Jose, CA 95124 or drop it off at the front office (make payable to Leigh Home & School Club). Thank you for your support!

Annual Giving Drive - Goal Reached!
Thank you to everyone who donated to our Annual Giving drive for the 2019-20 school year. We truly appreciate it. We had increased our Annual Giving Drive goal from $25K last year to $30K this year and, thanks to you, we reached our goal just last week!

We had also increased our Corporate Match goal from $5K to $8K and we have, to date, received $7,800 in Corporate Matching. Thank you!

If you would still like to donate to our Annual Giving Drive, please click here . To check if your employer will double your donation, click here .

During December, the following programs/activities were funded using our Annual Giving donations:

  • Staff Grants - $713.19 for 2 Flinn Hot Plates for the Biology Dept.
  • Staff Grants - $122.94 for GoNoodle subscription and wireless remote for Special Education (SAI)
  • Campus Beautification - $207.84 for Campus Clean-up Day supplies 
  • Staff Appreciation - $194.19 for October/November Appreciation
CUHSD Parcel Tax Campaign - Measure K

At our December HSC meeting, Kalen Gallagher and Kristiina Arrasmith from the CHUSD board of trustees informed us about Measure K, a parcel tax measure that will be on the March 3, 2020, mail-in ballot. The money raised will be used to attract and retain great teachers to maintain the high quality education in our local high schools, at a time when state funding for schools remains inadequate despite the rising cost of living. Funds will also go towards additional counseling services of all kinds.
Passing Measure K is a community-based, volunteer effort. We need at least 66.7% of Campbell Union School District voters to vote YES on Measure K to win. We are asking parents, teachers and students at each of our schools to please sign up for neighborhood walking, postcard writing, phone banking and sign waving. Any time you can give is greatly appreciated.

Please sign up here . Some easy opportunities to make a difference include:

  • Neighborhood Walking: Sat 1/25 and Sat 2/1
  • Postcard writing: Thu 1/23, Tue 1/28, Thu 1/30, Tue 2/4 and Thu 2/6
  • Phone Banking: Wed 2/10 and Thu 2/11
  • Sign waving: Thu 2/13 and Tue 3/3 

Read more about Measure K at  https://www.cuhsd.org/apps/pages/measure_k
Thank you to our College & Career Center Volunteers!

Thank you to the amazing CCC Superstars who spend countless hours at Leigh working 1:1 with students on their college essays and applications, organizing the center, as well as hosting College Representatives from all over the world. We had a very busy season and we’re now hearing lots of great news from the students (Early Action and rolling) and the students are bringing thank you notes and gifts to the CCC for the volunteers. A huge THANK YOU to these parent volunteers ...

Essay Review and Application Support:
Ann Auld, Judie Eagleton. Kelly Masini, Rama Nemani, Wendy Wang Niles, Tussima Ojha, Tamara Strachman, Susie Woodford, Vicki Wooledge, Teresa Wright

Recurring shift volunteers and CCC room organizers, and occasional Essay Review/Application Support:
Losana Blair, Ashleigh Coffeng, Rachel Duncan, Kayla Kang, Jenny Jow, Tonya Robertson, Holli Roever, Marianne Siu, Cheri Theobald, Cherl Willardson

Committee Leads:
Yvonne Dietrich (Newsletter)
Etelka-Rose Keszei (Community Volunteering Opportunities Database)
Jennifer Watanabe (Scholarships)
Vicki Wooledge (Enrichment Programs)
Ann Auld and Tamara Strachman (College Visits Coordinators)

Adulting 101

This spring as our Seniors look towards graduation, there may be just a few life skills that didn't quite get covered in the four years of a robust LHS curriculum. On Monday June 1st Leigh HSC will present Adulting 101 , a set of short, intensive workshops that will cover the following:

  • Personal Finance (Budgeting etc)
  • Home Based Skills (Nutrition and cooking, sewing etc)
  • Professional Skills (Resume writing, interview techniques etc)

These workshops are being developed and built by your Home & School Club over the next few months and we could use your help! Whether you want to spearhead the entire program, one of the workshops, or simply join a group of enthusiastic adults who want our kids to be prepared for the real world, drop us a note at president@leighhsc.org and get on the Adulting 101 committee.
We Love our Teachers and Staff!

This month our Staff Appreciation Team provided a panoply of cookies to Principal Butler's staff meeting, and placed individual boxes of candy in each teacher’s mailbox.
More Happenings at Leigh

  • Sports Boosters: follow on Instagram @Leigh_sports_boosters. Sign up to join mailing list here.

  • Spirit Boosters: Order graduation leis and support the Leigh Cheerleaders. Place orders here.

  • Read Principal Kara Butler's Weekly Bulletins here »

  • Read the Daily Bulletins created by our Activities Director, Anthoney Roe, here »
Grad Night 2020 - A Perfect Holiday Gift for Your Senior

TICKETS ON SALE NOW! If you're looking for the perfect holiday gift for your graduating Senior, this is it! This is a safe, sober event exclusively for the entire class of 2020. Get more details and purchase tickets at http://leighhsc.org/gradnight/.
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