Holy Shift! The Housing Market Is Changing...
After an incredible run, it’s pretty safe to say that the previously white-hot Housing Market has cooled down….and that’s actually a GOOD thing! It simply wasn't normal or healthy for homes to have endless offers within hours of going on the market! While the shift is particularly evident in higher price points, there’s no doubt that it’s trickling down to the lower price points day-by-day.

What's driving the relatively quick shift? Two primary factors: 1) Mortgage Rates have DOUBLED since January (now above 6%), hampering buyer affordability, and ultimately leading to a drop-off in demand to purchase Real Estate. 2) Orlando saw its largest monthly home inventory surge EVER in May according to ORRA.

So are we headed for a Buyers’ Market or a major pricing correction? Well, probably not in the imminent future since Orlando is one of the stronger housing markets nationwide and inventory is still very low. The more likely result is a “leveling-off” of the market, which is actually already underway. At the same time, it’s just so hard to confidently make a prediction when so many economic indicators – inflation, the Fed raising interest rates by 75 basis points, stock & crypto markets, fuel prices, etc. – are all flashing red at the moment.

The Bottom Line: We are still in a Sellers’ Market for now, albeit a much cooler one than just a few months ago. (Comps + pricing correctly actually matter again!). But, Buyers’ probably shouldn’t wait around for a major correction either with rates possibly heading even higher. Cash Buyers, your time is here!

There’s no denying that positioning has changed quickly for both sides, but it does seem that we are headed for a healthier, more NORMAL market going forward. Stay tuned!
Disney Delays Lake Nona Move
Live in Lake Nona Proper or one of the surrounding zip codes that has benefitted from its explosive growth? Take note: that growth just took a pretty sizeable hit in the near term. That's because Disney just announced that its highly-anticipated, multi-division move has been delayed until at least mid-2026. The move was previously planned to be completed in 2023.

It's no secret that the expected move had been adding fuel to an already scorching hot Lake Nona housing market. Rumor had it that those employees making the move from California had the added benefit of a corporate housing stipend, which ultimately allowed them to cover larger appraisal gaps than many other homebuyers. But with that Buyer pool going away for the next 3-4 years, it would not be surprising to see a near term cooldown in price appreciation in the Lake Nona area.

Thinking of Selling Your Luxury Property?
While there's still a fair amount of Buyer demand in the luxury market, owners of luxury homes who are thinking about selling may want to do so MUCH SOONER rather than later.

A recent Orlando Business Journal Article indicated that Orlando luxury home sales are down 21% year-over-year. And with mortgage rates impacting Buyer affordability, coupled with the usual market slowdown when the school year begins, right now (peak selling season) is still a great opportunity to sell for close to top dollar. It would not shock us to see prices soften a bit in the luxury space as the year goes on.
Investors Capitalize on Strong Rental Market
One segment of the Real Estate Market that hasn't shown much indication of slowing down is the rental space. There are still a ton of people moving to Florida and aside from food + water, housing is as important of a life need as there is.

So for now at least, rental prices have continued along their upwards trajectory. Will they plateau eventually? Of course. But investors should feel confident that Orlando is about as strong of a market there is for generating monthly cash flow + achieving a favorable return on an initial investment. Sure beats the stock market at the moment!
Big Deal + New Listing Sneak Peak
We couldn't be happier for our Buyers who just closed on 6461 Swanson St. in Windermere for $1.148 Million. The "old walkway" from the negotiating table actually worked again amidst the cooling luxury market; they secured the house for $150K LESS than the nearly $1.3 Million asking price!

And check out the video to the left/above for a preview of our latest listing - 2518 Oak Run Blvd - coming 6/16. With a list price of $379K, it's easily one of the best values in all of Central Florida. It's also a wonderful home inclusive of a dream Florida backyard with a screened-in pool overlooking the water. Feel free to reach out for more information!
Thank you as always for your support! Please reach out any time if we can assist you or someone you know!