Dear Church Family,
We have had so many opportunities to talk with one another during our holy conversations! Here are some of the things we heard during our conversations about our rich history as United Christian Church of Austin.
Many different paths lead us to United Christian Church:
  • Original members of Pecan Springs Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) or Trinity United Church of Christ
  • Lifelong members in the United Church of Christ and/or Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) denomination
  • Came from a variety of denominations, visited a lot of churches and felt welcomed and included
  • Experienced a crisis/difficult time and looking for a spiritual connection and a church community
  • Invited by or attended services/activities with a friend or co-worker
  • Visited and had a one-on-one personal conversation with a member
  • Looking for
  • a welcoming, friendly church family
  • a liberal, progressive church community
  • an open and affirming church
  • a church that was open to questions and interpretation of faith and belief
  • for a church where children could grow up…attracted to strong children and youth programs
  • Had been disconnected from church and found a warm, welcoming church that felt like home
  • Connection to a particular pastor…sermons, theology, preaching style

There are many ways we feel connected:
  • Support and care received during difficult times and experiences
  • Being included in community, even when not a member or don’t participate in traditional ways
  • Worship experiences
  • Communion at an open table as a meaningful and personal part of worship each week
  • The quiet, simple style of early worship services
  • Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday foot washing, Christmas Eve, Easter Sunday…special worship services
  • Shared prayer requests during worship…openness and vulnerability that build deeper connections
  • During baptisms when the congregation promises to care for, support and help the child grow in faith
  • Experiencing all kinds of music
  • Fellowship and learning experiences
  • Fellowship, fun and food events…opportunities for conversation and getting to know one another
  • Wednesday night activities for all ages—potluck, adult discussion, adult and children’s choirs
  • Pumpkin Patch and Trunk or Treat
  • Small groups where relationships are grown
  • Children
  • participating in worship
  • Vacation Bible School—team effort that involves the entire congregation
  • Youth
  • Italian Dinners…supporting youth, intergenerational fellowship
  • Seeing youth off on mission trips
  • Serving
  • on Council and Committees…working as a team to solve problems and plan
  • as an Elder
  • as part of a Care Committee supporting an ordination candidate
  • Participating in all kinds of hands-on projects such as
  • Serving at Bethany Food Pantry with adults and youth
  • Period Parties
  • Showing up in love to show love at Pride
  • Furnishing a refugee apartment and create a home
  • Election Day bake sales that support the youth and reach out to the community

There have been numerous milestones and significant events in the life of UCC:
  • Purchasing the property and building the current church building
  • The first Sunday service in the new building….it was the Sunday after 9-11
  • Adding the children’s wing to the current building
  • Easter Sunrise service on our property before the building was built
  • Church-wide fellowship events
  • Service projects and community outreach projects
  • Adapting, creating, worshipping, serving, staying connected and being the church during the pandemic
We are wrapping up the conversations about our identity (last opportunity to participate here), and we’ll have a summary report on those in the near future. If you have not had a chance to participate in holy conversations, we need your input! And this is a great opportunity to get to know one another better and have some fun in the process. 
Conversations about our future will be happening in January, so keep your eyes open for schedule information.
We are so grateful for our church family and hope you all are experiencing a meaningful Advent this year.
Peace be with you all,
Your Interim Process Support Team (Miguel Flores, Cherie Hinch, Chase Larson, Clark Thompson, Bryan Thornhill)
COVID-19 History Project
compiled by Carrol Barret
We are currently making history! Early in the year, we asked you to gather the ways in which you were handing the pandemic. You can read a compilation of what was submitted here.