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THE HOLIDAYS are such a great time to gift books, visit book stores and read in a sacred place. On our Holiday Top 12 Book Pick list, we've included an array of gifted authors to help you be inspired. We urge you to support these spirited talents! Save this list all year round! A great book resource for you.
JOURNALING POWER: HOW TO CREATE THE HAPPY, HEALTHY LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE- teaches you how to put the ultimate self-healing tool right at your fingertips - journaling. You'll experience firsthand how pen-to-paper journaling leads to growth and transformation. And you'll learn that numerous medical studies prove journaling unleashes a healing agent that empowers your life in ways you've never imagined.

THE ART OF ATTRACTING AUTHENTIC LOVE - Gayla Wick, Denver Love Coach, shows singles how to stop searching and struggling to find their perfect love match through her transformational four-step process. Read real stories from real women across the country including Trista Sutter from the Bachelorette who found their dream relationship using these same steps. Amazon.

BUSY MOM'S CHEAT SHEET - RAISING HAPPY HEALTHY KIDS: Are you a busy mom/caregiver who could use a 'cheat sheet' to raise happy healthy kids and lead a healthier lifestyle? This award-winning book shares tools to teach children of all ages how to have a healthy body and mind in an easy-to-understand way. Includes 45 delicious, easy, quick and healthy recipes! Amazon.

FABULOUS FOREVER! A WOMAN'S GUIDE TO FEELING JOYFUL, LOVING AND FREE - by Certified Life Coach Carol Chanel. In an easy-to-implement guide to feeling fabulous forever, Carol shares her unique and successful approach combining the practical and spiritual. You'll learn how to embrace everything wonderful and authentic about yourself and how to feel joyful, loving and free.
BANYAN TREE WISDOM' - MY GIFT TO YOU - In the heart of the thousand-year-old Banyan tree, I heard a voice. The Banyan spoke great wisdom. I believe the Banyan spoke with the voice, guidance and love of the Universe to gently return me back to my own space of nothingness. Her essence infused with her aerial roots and essential oils to gift you - Alchemy Oils also available with the book.

WE DANCE TO A WHISPERED VOICE - is the story of author, Amari Magdalena's 25-year epic odyssey and journey into phantasmagorical experiences of ancient wisdom. You will discover how she woke up, one day, from a more ordinary life, dependent on ration and reason, and her life was turned upside down, inside out and magically transformed into an extraordinary one. .

JOURNEYS WITH ANUBIS: A WOMAN´S INITIATION INTO ANCIENT EGYPT - by Susanne E. Steinel. When Clara listened to the sounds of a crystal bowl, she had no idea what to expect. Anubis, dark jackal headed God of Egypt introduces himself to her and teaches her Egyptian spirituality and practices to unify the masculine and feminine within. www.susannesteinel.comAmazon.  

YOUR AMAZING ITTY BITTY AFFIRMATIONS BOOK - includes 15 ways to make empowering messages work for you. Written by motivational author Micaela Passeri, this powerful book will teach you how to masterfully craft and write result driven affirmations so you can accomplish your most cherished and important goals! Perfect book to start the New Year right and to give as a holiday gift.

WRITING SPIRIT - by New York Times bestselling author Lynn Andrews, invites readers into her world. Lynn explains how being true to your Spirit is the key to fulfillment in your work. She leads you on a journey into yourself finding the truth within you, your creative soul and teaches you what it truly means to be a writer.  



THE BLOOMING OF THE LOTUS - is a ground-breaking poetic memoir of grace. In a deeply personal journey of healing, through art, writing, nature, and the spirit world, Robin Lynn Brooks travels from the darkness of brutal childhood incest, violence and torture out into a brilliant light. This is a very deep healing, transformational book, especially for women.

MY HUSBAND DIED, NOW WHAT? A WIDOW'S GUIDE TO GRIEF RECOVERY & SMART FINANCIAL DECISIONS - offers heartfelt coaching to widows in handling their emotions, providing step-by-step tips to "recreate" their new life.  This easy-to-follow purse-sized guide is chock full of sound and seasoned money-saving financial advice (and warnings), a financial terms dictionary & a handy resource directory. Amazon
THE GREAT MOTHER BIBLE or, I'd rather be gardening - Multi-award-winning author and nature mystic Mare Cromwell was awakened one fall morning, and given specific instructions from the Great Mother to set aside the next winter to create a bible for the Divine Feminine. From that spiritual call has come this revolutionary and humorous book of spiritual wisdom.

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