Celebrating the end of 2020
Dear HALTER Project Community:

In the waning weeks of this singular year, we want to reach out, check in, and stay connected with YOU, our international community. In this edition of our HALTER News Notes, we’re keeping it simple, and, we hope, uplifting. And a bit fun!

Back by popular demand, our cheery “Anytime Gift Guide”. We have so much fun finding great gift ideas that are really “Go-Bag Ready” but too good to hide in a stay crate or ready kit. While I promised “no prep stuff”, we all know that there’s no season on readiness. So why not make it practical AND cool, and maybe even a bit luxurious, so the giftee will want to use it all the time? Our guide this year also supports our view that “preparedness” and “sustainability” go hand-in-hand. Many of our gift ideas help out local businesses in your area. We hope our ideas for giving will inspire you to rethink some readiness basics and give a boost to others.

Meanwhile, we are taking a break from preparedness outreach, and instead, are focused on giving. We’re sharing two “Giving Guides”. One is a compilation of funds and organizations that provide crucial support to animals, responders, and people dealing with disasters. Fire, flood, pandemic... a monetary gift of any amount truly makes a difference to any service you choose to support.

Our January edition will be bursting with news about training opportunities, online and video learning tools, stories about HALTER Project activities and contributions in the past year, and more. Watch for the first HALTER Project News Notes of 2021 in early January.

Our greatest wish for everyone: Stay safe, stay healthy, and help less-able others to do the same. Paying it forward is the HALTER Project model and we know you are part of the team.

Warm wishes for a peaceful holiday season, hopefully filled with the comfort and joy animals bring to our lives!
Training Updates!
COVID has wreaked havoc on “in-person” trainings. Instructors and response team leaders are forging ahead with many online classes and training videos. We should have a lot of info to share by early January, for Animal Technical Rescue, All Hazards Disaster Safety, and more. If you’re a member of a response team, (CART, CERT, etc.) be sure to check their websites and volunteer portals frequently for training info and schedules.

If you’re planning to join a Community Animal Response Team (CART), but have not completed the basic FEMA courses required, now is the time to start. 

Here are some important dates to keep in mind, or register for:

  • Animal Technical Rescue Awareness - Online, non-CA-FSTEP Certification
2 Dates, TBD 

March 29-April 2

April 3

  • All Hazards Health & Safety, (required by most California CARTs), on-line, multiple weekday, evening and weekend classes, check ResQFAST website for details.


For more training and education opportunities, and HALTER Project Scholarship info, visit HALTERproject.org