Warm December Greetings!

Warm December greetings! We hope wherever you are, you are able to spend peaceful, special time with your animals.

HALTER Project shares gifts of free materials year-round to help keep animals and their people ready for emergencies.

AND, whenever possible, how to avoid them!! Our last newsletter of the year is a bit like a stocking stuffed with little goodies you can use throughout the season.

Thank you for being part of our community, our family.

Wishing you all a season filled with love, hope, and peace.

PS: Give a hug, pet, or just a teeny treat to your critter family for us!!

Keep Your Holiday Happy and Your Pets Safe & Healthy

Veterinarians and animal welfare agencies report that, sadly, more pet emergencies happen during major holidays than any other time. We get distracted and our awareness slips. Well-meaning guests give pets “treats”. All sorts of exciting objects and delicious smells are everywhere!

Keep the holidays happy by doing everything possible to keep pets healthy. Use your “situational awareness” skills to assess the hazards around your home or the place where you’re spending holiday time. Remove dangerous items from your car when you can or make a pet-safe haven somewhere where they’ll comfortable and have toys and food to keep them occupied.

Safety for Guests & Animals

Got Guests?

Our animals are often a top attraction for visitors, especially the kiddos. You can enrich the animal-guest experience AND keep the critters as well as the humans safe and happy with a little education.

It might seem obvious, but your animals, small or large, might not be up for an onslaught of petting, “pony rides”, or games. It’s always a good idea to spend some time explaining proper animal etiquette to visitors, especially kids and teens. Plan time to accompany them and supervise interactions between visitors and your pets, equines, and family farm animals.

Avoid a trip to the ER!

  • Insist that guests wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes, or boots around your hooved animals.
  • You provide the treats, limit the quantity, and demonstrate the safe way to offer them.
  • Set ground rules at the start of guest stays that will keep people and animals safe.
  • Check gates and latches frequently if guests are meandering around Animal areas.

Safety at Home or Away

Avoid Holiday Lost Pet Heartache

Here’s a little gift from us to you! Whether you’re traveling or welcoming guests at home, your pets may need a quiet haven to relax in.

Avoid accidental escapes by simply taping a sign to the door of their “safe place” as a reminder that animals are there.

Print a few to keep in travel bags, Emergency kits, and at home

Download in English

Download in Español

Happy & Safe Holidays

from our family to yours

THANK YOU for your compassion and commitment, and for inspiring future generations.

As a community, let’s express our thankfulness by working together to help our responders stay safe and well. Reach out to help our neighbors, and spread the joy that comes with our bonds with animals.


Wishing you a peaceful holiday season, Julie & Shilo

The HALTER Project

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