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May 15, 2024

History Lesson: The Evolution of DayBreak

and Community Support for Elders to Thrive

1971: The PACE Model of Care

  • The origins of the PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) can be traced to the early 1970s, when a San Francisco community sought to develop a plan for the care of their elderly. They created a nonprofit called On Lok Senior Health Services and a system of community-based care. This innovative system, also known as adult care services, was designed to help families support their elderly loved ones to remain living in their homes.

  • In the mid-80s, the program began to expand, and in 1990 the first true PACE programs received funding from Medicare and Medicaid. Today, more than 200 programs are in operation across the country, helping seniors get the care they need without leaving their homes.

1971-1974: https://onlok.org/about/history/ 

On Lok’s founding years, with two kindred and intrepid leaders blazing a bold path in culturally appropriate care for underserved seniors.

1977: Establishment of CAADS

  • The California Association of Adult Day Services (CAADS) was founded in 1977. It became the largest state association for adult day services in the nation. Centers in membership with CAADS provide innovative day programs that support individuals with physical, mental, or developmental disabilities and older adults with Alzheimer's disease and their families.

For more details, visit CAADS' mission page.

1993: Founding of Adult Day Services Network of Alameda County

  • In 1993, DayBreak, initially known as the Adult Day Services Network of Alameda County (ADSNAC), was established as an off-shoot of CAADS to support adult day programs in Alameda County. These centers provided specialized health and wellness programs for seniors and adults with disabilities, along with resources and support services for family caregivers.

2014: Transition to DayBreak Adult Care Centers

  • We became DayBreak Adult Care Centers and continued our work to support adult care services in Alameda County. Our mission at that time, and still:

To build an inclusive, welcoming and supportive community of care for older adults, people with disabilities and their family caregivers. We have expanded our network and developed its own core services, and with our collaborative partners we collectively provide cost-effective, multi-disciplinary care for frail seniors and adults with disabilities within care centers and independent living environments.

2023: Renaming to DayBreak Adult Care

  • We renamed ourselves DayBreak Adult Care (Alameda County). Our recent mission statement: We strive to build an inclusive, welcoming and supportive community of care for older adults, people with disability and their family caregivers, who wish to stay at home in their community while aging.

We ensure a broader access to quality care through case management, our information & assistance warm line, fall prevention, family caregiver support and counseling. Quality of life, dignity and the right for self-determination are in the heart of our work with our clients & community.

What is Adult Day Programming? Why should we care?

A good reason: To keep older folks out of nursing home and living safely in the community with their family/friends

The Process of Adult Day Service Use* versus SNF usage or other institutional settings

  • Adult day service (ADS) programs offer out-of-home supervised activities and socialization for older persons or other adults. Among the goals of ADS programs are to offer families who provide care to elderly relatives with relief from day-to-day care responsibilities of disabled relatives, to enhance the functional independence and quality of life of older clients who attend ADS, and to allow clients to remain in a home/community setting for as long as possible.
  • The “shadow” of the nursing home was apparent in interviews with staff, family members, and in participant observation. Specifically, family members and staff commented on how the atmosphere of ADS compared (positively) to nursing homes, particularly the different philosophy surrounding ADS staff training, care routines, and scheduling.

Our Commitment to Community Support

We’re here to help folks, in Alameda County, feel included and safe as we age — and with disabilities not necessarily related to aging. As you can see from this history lesson here — California and the Bay Area have been “pace-setters” in this important goal.

Of course, government processes, much of it related to funding issues (nothing is free), have caused some twists and turns in this effort. But we’re still here. Keeping the most important parts of this work. Our services, which are free of charge, include:

  • Education: Weekly newsletters and monthly webinars.
  • Support Groups & Counseling: For caregivers and frail older adults.
  • Referrals: To services in Alameda County.
  • Safety Equipment: Providing durable medical equipment (DME) and home installations like grab bars, ramps, and railings.

Additionally, we focus on generating innovative ideas, implementing them effectively, and spreading the work. For example:

  • Rapid Response Care Management (RRCM)
  • Adult Care Co-op Model (Memory Care Cafe in Alameda County)
  • In-house Physical Therapy in Nonprofit Federally Qualified Health Centers
  • Providing and promoting virtual Physical Therapist-led Fall Prevention Exercise Program (GYZO)

And one last thing: Here’s a little video we put together for you folks out there caring for your aging loved one with dementia, at home. We came up with this as we faced the Covid 19 crisis — to help caregivers find ways to be together with their loved one who is not who they used to be as their cognition and function decline related to a progressive dementia disease progress — such as Alzheimer’s Disease. Before life with Covid, many of these folks had been attending adult day programs, but then no one could safely leave their homes… You may still find it helpful..

DayBreak Video: “Being Together”

— Susan Musicant, DPT

DayBreak Injury Prevention Coordinator

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