Supply and demand

Way back in April we started planning for shortages. The word on the street was that the supply chain was slipping and we’d be seeing shortages.  We understand that our job is to have tires in stock and ready for you. That meant stocking up in a big way. We decided to boost our stock by 30 to 50% depending on the brand. And when you stock 134,000 tires and your goal is to radically increase inventory - It takes a while. You can’t do it overnight. And if you waited too long to get started on the process... you’d be out of luck as orders are filled by date received... But, yes we started the process last April and we’re glad we did.  

How’d we do? Well, we currently have 12% more tires in stock than the same day last year. All this in spite of the imported tires that are hung up on boats, sitting in the ports, parked on railroad cars, or waiting for a truck driver to bring them into our warehouses. When you look up something on our website, you’re seeing “50 Plus” on many items. You might be surprised to know that the number one best seller marked “50 Plus” - as of right now - we have 2,279 of those in stock and ready to go.  

“But yesterday I checked on something and it was out of stock!” Yes, that’s bound to happen. Especially on slow moving sizes. The manufacturers are concentrating on producing their fastest sellers, the so-called “A” and “B” movers. They might not produce their “C” and “D” movers for weeks or months on end, just so they can make the highest number of people happy with the fastest sellers. When you see a fast moving size is out of stock, don’t despair. It’s DEFINITELY on order and it will be in stock very soon. Think a couple of days to a week. If your customer can wait, please call K&W customer service and ask us to put in a backorder for you. We have TONS on order and shipments inbound every day.
Replace your humans

Are sci-fi robots the answer to the tech shortage? Will Mapes, co-founder and chief operating officer: “Talking about the problems that we solve, one of the big core problems the industry has is a lack of technician talent. There are new people coming into the industry that want to change tires as a career choice, and then ones that are there are leaving the industry. Shop owners across the United States are facing this problem, constantly losing people, and they spend most of their time recruiting technicians, so there’s a big gap. With fewer technicians working in shops, and in turn, performing vehicle maintenance, customers end up waiting longer for a tire change, Mapes said. “That’s where we’re addressing that problem. We can change tires in 20 minutes instead of the hour, two hours, three hours it sometimes takes.”

The company was doing live demos at SEMA. After watching the video (it takes a while sorry) , comment back to me with your thoughts. To watch it now, click HERE

Grand Wagoneer picks Nexen

There’s o.e. and then there’s O.E.! Good job Nexen getting the nod to supply tires for the brand new Jeep Grand Wagoneer. Check out the interior in this beast. They’ll be wearing Roadian HTX RH5 in size 275/55R20T.  

Can I get one with faux wood stickers on it?   

By a moonlight mile. Or, actually by 60%. Your vote counts at K&W and that settles that once and for all!
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