Important Community Event Reminders:

      • Hills at Vallco Bike/Ped Plan Presentation Tues Nov 17th
      • Community Input Meeting on New Bike Plan Tues  Dec 1st.
The Hills at Vallco Bike/Ped Community Presentation

Tuesday Nov 17th, 4:30 to 6:30   at the Macy's site in Vallco.  

Meet with directors and planners and hear in detail about the project, its plans and goals as it relates to bike/ped features for this important proposed development in Cupertino, along with the potential integration with the Apple Campus II project.  You can see the proposed model and make suggestions about how to make this development a showcase for bike/ped friendliness. 

This is a Walk-BIke Cupertino community service event and we think it is a valuable preamble to the City's planning meeting slated for Dec. 1, 2015.
If you think you can attend, please respond at the following  link, so the Sand Hill team can plan for accomodations and  refreshments.  
Please use the Macy's entrance from the street side of the mall and not from the Mall's interior.

About Sand Hill Property's Leadership and project description    
Reed Moulds is a managing director for Sand Hill Property Company.  He serves as the Project Executive for the revitalization of Vallco in Cupertino. Reed will present  "The Hills at Vallco" ,  (, the revitalization plan for Vallco, including a vibrant, sustainable, walkable, and safe new neighborhood with a mix of retail, dining, entertainment, recreation, offices, housing, open space, and public amenities.  The Hills at Vallco represents not just a new mixed-use town center for our community, but also an integrated 30-acre community park and nature preserve for all Cupertino residents to enjoy.  The Hills at Vallco will include a rooftop park that will be the largest community park in Cupertino, larger than all Cupertino parks on the east side of the city combined and the largest green roof in the world.

Cupertino Community Input Session on the New Bike Plan

City-wide Community Input Forum for the CY16 Bike Plan .

Tuesday, Dec 1;  6 PM at  EOC Room at Cupertino City Hall.  

Led by Alta Designs and city leaders, this is your opportunity to meet,  and communicate your ideas and priorities to the project leaders.  The objective is to develop a strategic vision, long and short term priorities to make  Cupertino the regional leader in bike infrastructure and safety.  

We Advocate:

  • Making Cupertino the Bay Area's Best for Safe Cycling and Walk-ability;

  • The City of Cupertino reserving $10M of its budget surplus for major structural Bike/Ped improvements and amenities;
  • Educating drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists on best practices sharing the road;
  • Creating trails and direct bike-ways that have positive impacts on our residents' health, community and property values.

Please forward this newsletter on to your friends or neighbors who would be interested in joining this movement .  Ask them to check out the organization, history and information at   With well over 400 community members, you are making a difference in Cupertino.   
Thank you for your support and your actions.... your efforts do make a difference.
All the best to you!
The Team at Walk-Bike Cupertino
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Cupertino, CA 95014