Good morning traveler,

“This is not looking good for our conference in Orlando.” 

I received that text with the picture below from a colleague on Monday morning. A cat 1 hurricane predicted to pass over central Florida. Just as I would be flying in on Thursday afternoon. I’ve had many flight disruptions from natural weather disasters before and watched the news enough to know hurricane patterns are unpredictable. I took the wait and see approach. 

Then a Tuesday morning report from a colleague while I was walking to vote – “The biggest impact will be flight arrivals Wednesday afternoon and all-day Thursday. At this time, you may want to change your flights to arrive earlier in the day on Wednesday or even later today (Tuesday) if possible.”

I immediately called my flight team. I debated the 7a or the 12p Wednesday flight. The 7a entails a 2:45a departure from my house, but it was the best guarantee of a (safe) arrival. I held the 7a, knowing I’d check in by the end of the day to see if 12p looked realistic. At 5p I emailed the flight team. “Orlando is shutting down at 4p Wednesday.” A few hours later – colleagues’ flights are getting cancelled. Once flights start getting cancelled the other available options immediately begin filling up. I was pleased with my 7a call. 

Some might think it’s a bit crazy to fly into the eye of the storm, to 100% rain everyday. However, I will be arriving before the storm hits, the conference is inside and it’s only once a year I get to see all of my colleagues and some of my favorite partners. Wish me luck!

Back to my planned message...

How sweet is that couple above? Read on to this week's Highlight to see where they are and why you need to go too.

I've been home for a month while my travelers have been adventuring through the Middle East, Europe and the US . They've kept me up to date with photos and the fun they are having. I LOVE hearing from my clients who are traveling! Paraphrasing a bit of feedback below..

Our hotel in Oman was phenomenal! Architecturally fantastic, with the biggest bed we've ever slept in, and a beautiful infinity pool with an amazing view! Our guide asked if we wanted to take the adventurous route there. We our so happy we said yes. It was a cliff-hanging experience! Not for everyone but we loved it!

Our hotel in Spain was off the rails amazing!

When I hear things like that, I can't help but want to go!

However, having this time at home has felt leisurely luxurious. Lots of mountain biking, time with my kids, sporting events, tailgating and beautiful fall foliage. Now I'm ready to get back out into the world again. Today starts a month of four back to back trips.

First up - a conference at the Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons in Orlando. This is another of my favorite conferences (it may seem like I feel that way about all of them, but that is because I don't believe in going to any that aren't!). I will be with 100+ of my colleagues, which is always so inspiring. And I'll be meeting 1 on 1 with 58 partners and hoteliers from around the world. I've listed many of the hotels below and made a map of the countries my partners are from. As always, if you have any questions you'd like answered, send me a note.

For those of you who read the newsletter a few weeks back where I recounted all the fun experiences we had in Peru, you'll recall I promised to follow up with what's on deck for my next trip back. I made a summary of it all, and you can read it here... Madly in Love with Peru.




  • Adventures in Luxury Travel Podcast - Manta Resort & Underwater Room
  • This week's highlight - street food at Reffen in Copenhagen
  • Travel Updates
  • P.S. Favorite Articles

The story of the Manta Resort is as unique as the location of its underwater villa. Matt shared how this resort came to be and the collaborations made with the local residents and government to make it happen.

It’s a remarkable partnership.

The Kwanini Foundation, began by Manta to ensure they would be contributing to what the island needs to continue to thrive as a natural, cultural paradise. 

I love matching travelers to the exact perfect destination for them. Part of that is sharing upfront knowledge and setting expectations. This quote from Manta is a great start…

“Pemba is a remote island off the east coast of Africa, and probably as far away from civilization your clients might ever find themselves. If it’s serenity, close encounters with nature and a family of staff you crave, The Manta Resort is the place for you. Switch off the noisy, polluted electronic world and enter a completely different one, not as a tourist, but as a guest with simple needs: sunshine, fresh air, natural food, a comfortable bed and friendly company.”

Just last week the Manta Resort happened to have been highlighted in a NYT article...

At Home Beneath the Waves

Those fascinated by the ocean can now vacation, dine or even live underwater in these specially designed locations.

You can find the episode on Apple podcasts here

Read more about the activities, logistics and what it's like to experience Manta here.

*Your exclusive gift when you are a Truvay Travel client

Venture out with a local for an authentic, hand-line fishing experience in a Ngalawa boat and bring your fresh catch back to be prepared for dinner. 


If you are a foodie, Copenhagen is a place you must visit.

To start with, they have 15 Michelin * restaurants

8 with 1*

5 with 2*

2 with 3*

In addition to the spectacular culinary creations, many of the restaurants are located in spaces that are almost as unique as the food - industrial warehouses, medieval cellars, former inns and with some of Copenhagen’s best views.

However, today I'm not highlighting a Michelin star restaurant

(I'll save one for a future newsletter).

Today, I'm sharing with you where to find the best of the city's street food all in one place.

Reffen Copenhagen

Copenhagen happens to be a city that is a sought after destination for college kids

studying abroad, including some of our friends' kids. That is a great reason for a trip there!

Like the previous Highlight, Hidden Hut (and so many more), as soon as I learned about this place, my thought was...

"let's go!"

After you read through, let me know if you feel the same.

They call Reffen "an urban playground for innovation, food and creativity - and last but not least - the largest street food venue in the Nordics."

Picture spending the afternoon listening to live music, eating tasty foods, meeting interesting people - all while you are sitting next to the sea.

Check out a few of the food venues that stuck out to me below:

Cheesy Dreams

Fuego Street Food

Goodies Factor


+30 more

In addition to the food, here are a few more reasons to visit Copenhagen...

be active and outdoors

9 out of 10 people own a bike and you can easily rent one to get around

swim in the sea or for the intrepid jump off diving platforms


(pronounced Hoo-Guh)

translates most closely in English to “cozy”—

that which provides feelings of contentment or well-being

(yes please!)


if you are looking for unique, statement pieces for your home, Oliver Gustav is a must visit

Walk down Strøget, the pedestrian street lined with shops - galleries, home stores, antiques and of course Danish design boutiques


Denmark was rated #2 in the list

of the 10 Happiest Countries in the World (see article below)

From Condé Nast - "Travelers are looking for destinations where they can meaningfully engage with the local community. Denmark’s commitment to sustainability and readily available activities that allow visitors to engage with the local culture like their bike-friendly infrastructure, markets, and parks, make Copenhagen a great choice.”

Fuego Street Food

Argentinian Chef Juan Alvarez making you a perfectly grilled Pepito steak sandwich with juicy Black Angus meat. Or handmade empanadas with his grandma's secret recipe.

Cheesy Dreams

Known for the best raclette in town. "You simply cannot help but be mesmerized when the melted, orange-red cheese hits the boiled potatoes."

The Real Greek

Chefs with names, Lazaros Michailidis and Theologos Kampouris, it sounds like they know how to make Greek food. Enjoy chicken, pork, halloumi, mushrooms, pitas and Greek salads. Vegetarian and vegan options. You’ll fell like it's a sunny summer’s day in the Greek islands!


This French chef takes you on a journey to hip Paris filled with ethnic diversity. Classic French dishes – often with a creative twist – will be on the menu.

Goodies Factory

"Goodies Factory is a sweet and playful universe run by Gabriele and Virginia. Their menu mainly consists of Belgian-, stick-, and bubble waffles served with ice cream and tasty toppings."

📷 Reffen


These Are the Happiest Countries in the World, Condé Nast

Once again, the Nordic countries reign supreme.

These Are the Trending Destinations U.S. Travelers Are Booking for 2023,

Condé Nast

The 11 Best Travel Gifts on Oprah’s 2022 Favorite Things List, AFAR

Planning to Fly? You’ll Need This ID, NYT

For years, the government has warned travelers they will need a security-enhanced Real ID to board domestic flights, and for years the requirement has been delayed. Now they mean it.

The 20 Coolest Ski Lodges In The World, Forbes

36 HOURS Savannah, Ga., NYT

Go to the Local Farmers Market on Vacation, Eater

What's a first-class seat anymore? These days, it's basically 'un-coach',

Washington Post

(If you aren't able to access an NYT, WSJ, Washington Post or Outside Magazine article, send me a note and I'll send it to you in a PDF.)

Does Reffen inspire you to visit Copenhagen in the next 1-2 years?
Yes, I'm in!
Maybe. I'll think about it.
Not really, I don't like delicious street food.

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