Ohio Premier Summer 2020

***Attention Youth Player Families Reading this: We are using the same channel to get all of the information to our members. Youth and Middle School Summer schedules remain unchanged. Thanks for your patience!***

High School Families and Players,

We hope you enjoyed the rest of the weekend! As noted in our follow-up e-mail on Saturday, there had been a major mess created from a break in partnership between IWLCA and Corrigan Sports Enterprises who put on the major high school recruiting events in the Summer and Fall. Per Corrigan Sports Enterprises, ALL HIGH SCHOOL RECRUITING EVENTS ARE ON AS SCHEDULED! The events will move forward without the partnership of IWLCA. Please see the release below from CSE highlighting their intent to continue forward with these events.

Events Include:
Champions Cup
Capital Cup
Presidents Cup

As a club, we will continue to evaluate and keep our finger on the pulse with these events. We are especially keeping an eye on any date changes and/or changes to teams attending, coaches attending, etc.

We will be in touch later this week with another coach announcement. Enjoy the week - and as always, if you need anything let us know!

Ohio Premier Staff
Mallory Castro - Director of Ohio Premier

Darci Gervaise - Assistant Director of Ohio Premier

Bob Sefcik - Admin

Dear club coaches and administrators,
We understand that the conflicting messages that were sent out over the weekend caused a lot of confusion and panic. We also know that the COVID-19 pandemic has created a lot of unknowns as to if and when it will be safe to be back on the lacrosse fields. Whether on the current scheduled dates or the backup dates listed below, Corrigan Sports Enterprises plans to still host the scheduled CSE 2020 New England Cup, CSE 2020 Midwest Cup, CSE 2020 Capital Cup, CSE 2020 Champions Cup, and CSE 2020 Presidents Cup and Debut. The tournaments will look and feel the exact same as they always have.
Parents, players, and club coaches can all be assured that CSE continues to be committed to producing the very best events in the sport. For more than a decade CSE has delivered outstanding recruiting opportunities for tens of thousands of student-athletes. We established the standard by which all other tournaments are judged, and we plan to build upon that moving forward to provide an even better experience starting with providing FREE video to all players who participate in a 2020 tournament. The loss of the spring season was devastating to the players that have worked so hard on the field. We are hopeful to have a summer season as long as it’s safe to do so. We know how important any opportunity to play this summer will be and we will provide video to every player for FREE from each of the tournaments. Another important thing to mention is the fact that college coaches will go where the players are and where they are given the best opportunity to recruit. CSE events provide free video access to all college coaches as well as free access to electronic player profile information – a service that no other tournament provides.
Regarding the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, we will be working closely with state and local health officials to make our events as safe as possible for our participants, coaches, refs, and parents. Without feedback from local and state health officials, we feel it is premature to project cancellation decisions for the rest of the year. We have alternative dates in place if needed.  
On behalf of our team, thank you for your support over the years and we look forward to continuing to serve you better than ever!
If you have any questions or would like clarification on anything please feel free to reach out to the CSE team. As always, we are here to help.
The Corrigan Sports Team