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High Performance Zirconia & Boron Nitride Atomizing Nozzles

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Anderman Ceramics are the industry recognised supply partner for high performance atomising nozzles used within the Powder Metallurgy sector. 

Our Zirconia and Boron Nitride formulations are a key component in the manufacturing of metal powders such as Stainless Steel, Nickel & Cobalt based super alloys and many other exotic alloys. Applications also include the casting and atomization of Ferrous and Non Ferrous melts, and our vast supply of nozzles are generally produced to the bespoke requirements of our customers. 

One of the key features of our Atomizing Nozzles is the ability to produce to tight dimensional accuracy, which provides stable metal flow characteristics under the most testing of working conditions. The addition of certain stabilising oxides provides high strength, combined with excellent erosion resistance, and minimal cracking resulting from thermal shock.

Anderman Ceramics manufacture Atomising Nozzles in the three industry recognised formulations including Yittria, Magnesia and Ceria stabilised Zirconia’s, plus varying formulations of Boron Nitride. This ensures our supplied parts meet customer requirement, and provide our customers with differing material formulations to overcome any production issues you are currently facing. 

Anderman’s boast an extensive customer reference list from our many years of supply into some of the world’s biggest players, and we look forward to continuing this long onto the future.

Please contact to further discuss and allow us to resolve any issues you’re currently experiencing.

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