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Have you ever wanted a secret hiding place for your most prized possessions?  Whether you are looking for a hidden storage area, safe room or man cave, Protective Structures can provide a custom solution specifically designed for your discrete project.  From hidden entrances to bullet resistant secure safe rooms, our trained staff can assist you with design through installation of your custom application!
Safe Room Displays
Jasper, Georgia


Secret or Hidden doors can be camouflaged so that they appear to be part of the wall, fireplace, built-in bookcase, mirror, or other standard architectural feature within the home. 


Custom doors and shutters can also be hardened for ballistic protection. As an added security measure, armor any safe room wall with SecureAll bullet resistant fiberglass panels, and rest easy knowing each safe room component is specifically tested and designed to resist penetrating forces! 


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Protective Structures provides bullet and tornado resistant solutions for commercial, residential, corporate and government applications. Our showroom in Jasper, Georgia is now open to the public!  We are currently displaying three full-sized safe rooms, tornado shelters, ballistic material samples and hidden entrances. Also, visit TruPrep's full retail selection of preparedness supplies -the perfect addition to any safe room! 
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