Hey Team, Time for Some Hard Truths

Listen up, because today I'm cutting straight to the chase. I just finished a podcast with Alan Stein, and he had a story about Kobe Bryant that's going to knock some sense into anyone who's been feeling the discouragement grow in their Krav Maga, Fitness, and Judo journey.

Kobe Bryant's 4 AM Lesson

Let's take a leaf out of Kobe Bryant's book. Back in 2007, Alan Stein witnessed Kobe's training routine, which astonishingly began at 4 AM. What's remarkable is that Kobe, already a basketball legend, wasn’t doing anything flashy. He was engaged in basic drills – footwork, pivoting, the fundamentals.

When Stein asked Kobe why he focused on such basics, his answer was a revelation: With a smile Kobe replied "Why do you think I'm the best player in the world? Because I never get bored with the basics."

The Real Path to Mastery

Let's get real. Some of you are chasing that black belt or advanced level material like it's a free ride.

No More Bullshit

I'm over the whining about "Why can't we do the advanced stuff?" or "I'm bored of the basics." Let's cut the crap. If you're still struggling with a basic punch or a proper stance, thinking you are ready to master and execute effective weapon defenses is ludicrous. This isn't some action movie. This is real life, where hard work trumps innate talent every single time.

Reality Check

I constantly hear, "I want to do ground work" or "I want to practice weapon defenses." But here’s the truth: if you haven’t nailed down your fighting stance or your punches, you're nowhere near ready. There is a reason we have a curriculum for different levels; the levels build on each other. And to my Judo folks, climbing up the belt ranks doesn’t mean you can slack off on the basics.

That’s not how it works.

Chasing shortcuts or getting bored and giving up? That's a surefire way to fail. You're not going to magically transform into Jason Bourne, John Wick, or a Judo champ without putting in the real, gritty work. Mastery isn't handed out; it's forged in sweat and perseverance..

Your Choice: Work Hard or Walk Away

Here's the deal – you either put in the f-ing work or you don't. It's that simple. Want to be a black belt? Earn it. Want to master Krav Maga or Judo? Sweat for it. Want to get leaner, bigger, stronger or faster? Then push your limits, day in and day out. No shortcuts, no excuses. Stop pursuing the easy route and giving up when you're 'bored.' Either commit to the grind or find something else to dabble in.

Conclusion: The Path to Greatness

In the end, it's about what Kobe Bryant showed us – greatness comes from mastering the basics, from doing the work when others are sleeping. So, make your choice. Put in the effort, show up on time, ready to learn, wear your gi or KMKY tee to every class, and train like your life depends on it. Because in our world, it just might.

Let's get serious, do the work, and see who's really here to become the best they can be.

Coach Rob