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Friends and Fellow Eagles,

Here is what’s new at your Chagrin Falls Eagles.

Correction to last week's newsletter. All of the editorial staff was out of the country last week, and apparently, the translation from Spanish to English was not totally accurate.

Inside Guard is Nancy Spaeth, not Kit Nix. We apologize for the error.

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Will you still be a member in two weeks? Time is running out!

The annual dues to be a member of our proud Aerie and Auxiliary is $50 a year. (That’s 96 cents a week, pretty cheap don’t you think?)

Dues are due by May 31st each year. The Grand Aerie, in their infinite wisdom, has decided that they need to send an invoice to each member to remind them to pay their dues.

Do they do this out of the goodness of their hearts? NOOOOO, they bill each Aerie for it. This amounts to a cost of thousands of dollars a year to us.

The Grand Aerie will pull the unpaid list on May 26th. We ask that you please pay as soon as possible to avoid us being charged. Please remember our secretaries are not super-heroes. They will not get all payments processed the day they come in, so PLEASE PAY EARLY!

You can pay at the club in cash or check and leave an envelope for Don Rood for the men and Jennifer Kless for the ladies. Please do not mix payments for men and ladies in the same envelope. You can also mail to the club

Please make out checks to F.O.E. 2436 or Ladies Auxiliary 2436

Chagrin Falls Eagles

Attention either Don or Jennifer

7046 Chagrin Rd

Chagrin Falls, Oh 44023

We really appreciate your payments.

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Membership cards for men are available at the inside bar Remember, DO NOT throw away your old card until at least after May 28th, the last night for the bar drawing with your old number. The drawing of June 4th will be with your new number.


We need servers. We are coming into our busiest time of the year. We have a great summer of entertainment planned, we have great food that comes out of the kitchen, we just need more people to take the orders and deliver the food.

PLEASE, if you know anyone that is interested in working at fun, fast paced club, have them call Beth at (440) 247-4093

Servers do NOT serve drinks, just food. They can be in High School, they can be in college, they can be old or young, they can be a He, She or a Them. They just need to be able to walk about a gazillion miles per shift and try to keep a smile on their face.


Members, it is NEVER Ok to be rude to any of our employees.

When we are busy, it takes a little longer for you to get waited on and for the food to come out.

Please just enjoy another drink and socialize with your friends or get up and dance to burn off some calories in anticipation of all the wonderful calories you will be consuming. 

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Scholarship Fund Applications Deadline Approaching: IF you have been a member for more than 5 years and IF you have a child graduating High School this year, the Scholarship fund has a $500 check waiting for you.

HOWEVER, it does not magically appear. You must fill out an application first. Applications are available at the inside bar and must be returned by May 25th.

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Memorial Day Weekend will be here before you know it

Sunday the 29th is traditionally the busiest day of the year at the club. You MUST have your membership card with you to get in, NO EXCEPTIONS, Eric and his armed bodyguards will be there to enforce it. You may bring a guest, but they must enter with you and leave with you. If you forget your card, forget about coming in!

We will have a barbecue and the band East Wind will be performing from 4 to 8 pm.

We need volunteers to man the grill. We will be serving from approximately 2 to 6.

Monday is Memorial Day, a much more somber day than Sunday. There is a parade that ends up at the cemetery.


Afterwards, many come down to the club for a luncheon, provided FREE for all Veterans, EMT’s, Fire Fighters and all First Responders.


The barbecue will be from about 12:30 on. We need volunteer barbecuers (not sure if that is a word…but it should be) from about 11:30 am on. Please email and let me know which day you can volunteer

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The Queen is back.


Week three is history and the Queen of Hearts is nowhere to be found, but some of her royal court has been showing up. In three weeks, two Queens and a Jack have been revealed. This week card number 44 revealed the Queen of Spades. The pot was $39,945 and the winner was there so she got $3,500.

Tickets are currently on sale at $5 each or 5 for $20.


They can be purchased from the new high-tech ticket machine located near the entrance to the restroom hallway.


You need to LEGIBLY put your name, current member number, cell phone number and the card you are picking on the back of each ticket.


Tickets are on sale till 6:30 pm each Tuesday and the drawing will be held at 7 pm on Tuesday Nights. Please read all the rules below.


Editor Getting on his Soap Box: Many of you may not know that the club does not get to keep a penny out of the Queen proceeds. We can’t even take the expenses out for tickets, for the board and for the new drum.

What we DO get to keep is all the extra revenue that comes in on Queen Nights.

Last game, the pot got to be over a quarter of a million dollars…and that, in turn, brought us a LOT of revenue.

I will be honest, Queen nights have been kind of slow lately. I hear members say “It is only around $40,000, I’ll wait till it get higher”. First of all, ONLY and $40,000 should NEVER be used in the same sentence!

We ask that you support YOUR club, come on down, enjoy an adult beverage or a tasty treat from the kitchen!

I recently realized that I never mentioned that the winners of the last game gave a generous donation back to the club. I want to thank them for that (and encourage a future winner to maybe do the same).

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Bowling Banquet Announced.

It has been a grueling season, but it has come to an end and now it is time to celebrate. The banquet will be held on Sunday May 22 from 4 to 6 pm. All bowling must be completed by May 8th. Each team is asked to bring a dish to share.

Tuesday night is Burger Night

Wednesday night is regular Menu plus the following special:

  • Strip Steak
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Thursday Night is regular menu and WING NIGHT

  1. TEN bucks gets you Ten Wings on Thursday night...Just don't ask to get them to-go at that price cause it aint going to happen. (You CAN get them to-go at regular price

terayaki salmon over rice.jpg

Friday Night will be the regular menu and the following special:

  • Teriyaki Salmon over Rice
prime rib 4.jpg

Saturday Night will be the regular menu and the following special:

  • World Famous Prime Rib


Entertainment will be by the Eagles Singers, A.K.A. Amalon Entertainment

Our Aerie has some of the best singers on the continent. Many of them could probably win Americas Got Talent. (Then of course, you also have Crazy Dave and me). It is always a great night, so whether you want to sing or just be entertained, come on down!

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Have a great week!

Fraternally yours,
Art Nittskoff
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