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Since local in person meetings are still not possible due to the Covid 19 Restrictions, we are pleased to continue our monthly ZOOM meetings each 2nd Tuesday evenings at 7:00 pm. A good number have been joining in, finding that just seeing and hearing friendly, accepting faces and voices can be encouraging.

If you wish to join in and haven't been with us before, just call (336-584-8722) or email (, giving us your FIRST name and your email address and we will send you an invitation. This allows us to maintain secure meetings and confidentiality. Give it a try next Tuesday. If you have previously participated in our Zoom meetings you don't have call us.
Something to Think About
by Cindy Davis
Personal Responsibility
When our insides match our outsides, we are being personally responsible. It’s when we stay true to ourselves, making certain that our insides and our outsides line up. It’s not always comfortable to live in our truths, particularly when they don’t match the beliefs of those whom we love; people whose acceptance and approval we seek. Growing up I learned right from wrong from my parents. I naturally had to honor their viewpoints (mostly) in order to stay in their good graces, and I practiced them until I became a young adult. That is when I began to determine which of their ideas made sense to me and which ideas just didn’t. Departing from my family system proved to be a bit challenging, even scary, which is probably why I adopted them as my own a lot longer than was good for me. Especially because being gay isn’t an idea or a viewpoint or a choice. It simply is. This enlightenment provided unlimited chaos.

When I came out to my parents, I was in my early 40’s. They were living in FL and I was living here, in NC. We had a standing date, every Sunday night at 6pm, to talk on the phone and catch up on things. I had struggled quite a bit during four brief marriages (to men), working hard to live a life that I thought I was supposed to live. It was painful and stressful and heartbreaking to face so much failure, in spite of couple’s counseling. I was perceived as a bit of a screw-up in my family; my sisters were happily married and were leading productive lives. So, on this one particular Sunday at 6pm, I cautiously worked up my nerve to deliver my disclosure. My mom said that what mattered most was my happiness. My dad said that he had had his suspicions. (How could he have known, I wondered) To be met with their unconditional love made me weep. It was stunning to have their acceptance, to have their blessing.

 I know that my story isn’t everyone’s story. We come out when we are ready, when we feel safe, at our own pace. We are not always invited into the fold. It can be risky. But we tend to suffer when we don’t live our lives in harmony with who we are. When our decisions are making us sick, it is time to pay attention, to love ourselves enough to practice personal responsibility. Our insides are the best road map we have. Sometimes we need to ask for help. Seek others who understand our struggles, and celebrate our victories. It is never too late to tell our stories. Visit the PFLAG website and click on “HELPFUL LINKS” for names of area organizations, and numerous resources. You may find just what you are looking for. 

Cindy Davis is a retired Licensed Professional Counselor. 
She was an advice columnist for the Times-News, and is also a PFLAG Board Member.

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In The News
Don't miss seeing "The Prom" . . . still on Netflix

Based on a true story and following a stage run on Broadway, Netflix has a streaming movie version. This fun, funny, heartfelt musical celebration of inclusion and authenticity stars three-time Academy Award winner Meryl Streep, Tony Award winner James Corden, Academy Award winner Nicole Kidman, Andrew Rannells, Kerry Washington, Keegan-Michael Key, Ariana DeBose, and newcomer Jo Ellen Pellman.

If you missed the December opening, you really ought to view the movie. It may not win an Academy Award, but it's lots of fun and conveys a serious message of the struggles so many have experienced in their coming-out days. You may find a few tears at the end of the show!

Biden taps Pete Buttigieg for transportation post 
Joe Biden has picked Pete Buttigieg, his former rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, to be his transportation secretary, in a move which would make the former South Bend mayor the first out gay person to be confirmed by the Senate to a cabinet post.

The nomination came as more picks for senior positions in Biden’s incoming administration emerged on Tuesday, including Jennifer Granholm, the former governor of Michigan, to run the energy department. Buttigieg confirmed he had been tapped as transportation secretary in a tweet saying he was “honored”.
On Dec. 1, a key prong of North Carolina's House Bill 142 expired, clearing the way for cities and towns to pass LGBTQ-inclusive nondiscrimination ordinances and finally protect our communities. We've launched a digital portal alongside Campaign for Southern Equality called #NCIsReady to make it easy for you to contact your local elected officials and voice support for nondiscrimination ordinances. Head to to learn more! 

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