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Here's what's happening September 7-14
September 7-16
More Customers In 10 Days
Action Step @10 a.m.
Accountability @8 p.m.

Monday, September 12
On the Move
Noon and/or 7:30 p.m. CT via Zoom

Tuesday, September 13
Friends don't let friends wrinkle - Facebook event
Important dates, events and updates can also be also be found in your Business Center.
Early Bird registration for Leadership 2023 is now open!

Leadership 2023 is a destination event! We are headed to the amazing Tempe Mission Palms in sunny Tempe, Arizona, January 26-28, 2023. Mark your calendar and get ready to heat up your business in the desert this winter.

Early bird registration is only $169 and is open NOW through November 1!

We would also like to extend a very special invitation to anyone who reaches Senior Consultant or higher by January 1, 2023. (Psst! You can register now and promote later!)

This event packs in plenty of development time with L'BRI leaders, plus inspiration and sneak peeks for the coming year. Join us for what promises to be an incredible start to an incredible year!

For more information, follow the links below.
Invite your friends to join you - and de-wrinkle together

Join us next Tuesday, September 13 at 7:30 p.m. CT on the L'BRI Facebook page for a fun event perfect for inviting friends - and their friends! Because friends don't let friends wrinkle!

Watch for the event to be posted tomorrow, set your reminder and share with your friends!
More Customers in 10 Days Challenge

Don't miss this chance to have fun building your customer list! Starting today, join social selling expert Lynn Bardowski LIVE in the Consultant Forum twice a day for this 10-day challenge, or use the hashtag to find the daily posts!

“This is the perfect launch to get out of a summer slump!” - Liz Kaczmarek
“I love the idea to use the voice text and then edit it!” - Melissa Schumacher
“Get that notebook out for all the new connections you’re going to make!” - Debbie Revering
“I’m sharing this via text to all my hot leads. Sharing to my FB and IG Story, too!” - Maria Johnson-Porn
Important updates to Show orders have arrived

Effective September 7, important updates were made to the way orders connected to a party are processed.

Make memories on the L'BRI Founders' Club Trip!

"Traveling with L'BRI is the best because.... You don't have to plan a thing! All you do is show up at the airport and L'BRI takes care of everything else. What could be better? 

This will be my 16th trip coming up with L'BRI. Not only is it always a fun destination, but I also get to travel with my L'BRI friends!

I remember the first trip was a cruise. Stu (Captain Stu) wasn't sure he wanted to go because he didn't know anyone ..... now he knows everyone and they all know him too. He looks forward to the trips as much as I do. As Stu says.... L'BRI vacations are just like L'BRI products - over the top!" 

Liz Kultgen - Executive Manager 
Track your progress!
This week we congratulate Amber Juslen who is the first Consultant to reach Level 2! We also recognize 222 Consultants who have 5,000 points or more.

If you’re a new Consultant who joined L’BRI Jan. 1, 2022 or later and have 6,900+ points, you are ON TRACK to earn Level 2 (20,000 points) and have your trip paid for by L’BRI. Congratulations!

If you’re an established Consultant who joined L’BRI prior to Jan. 1, 2022, you’ll need 30,000 points to earn Level 2. If you have 10,300+ points this week you are ON TRACK to earn Level 2. Congratulations!
Learn how many points you need, and start tracking! Don't forget, your Business Center tracker (located on the Business tab) will show you your progress once you reach $600 or more in sales.

Plan to join us for the party and don't miss this!
Try L'BRI for $5 - EXTENDED for September!

That's right! Even if you've just joined L'BRI you can now share this incredible offer with anybody YOU know and start building your business together!

Not only can you invite new Consultants to join for just $5 through September 30 - they can earn $25 in L'BRI Credit just for sharing their 5 FREE samples to introduce 5 customers of their choice to L'BRI in their first 50 days!

And that's not all! When the first new Consultant you sponsor between September 1-30 completes that important step, YOU will receive an exclusive reward!

September Product Specials
All Eyes on You!

It doesn’t matter if you are all about the cat-eye, love a smokey look for those nights out, or just want to take your natural look up a notch – we’ve got everything you and your customers need for a complete eye makeup makeover!

September Host Bonus
Color your hosts BEAUTIFUL!

September hosts can earn one of three updated Color Collections - and our NEW Erase Makeup Remover FREE with a qualified September party!

With three choices and a value of $112, trying out a new look for FREE couldn't be any easier or more fun!

In case you missed it
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Tuesday, September 6

Wednesday, September 7
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