December 2019


As we draw near the end of another successful year, in this season of Thanksgiving we would like to thank our clients and partners for their continued support .  They motivate CLI to be the best software  provider  and technology partner we can be, and we look forward  to continuing our  relationships in 2020.
In this newsletter, you'll read about some exciting  things happening in the  first  quarter of the new year, including our President, Ben Wiesen speaking  at the January SMC3 conference and a critical  article from our partner  Barcoding Inc. on what you need to do to prepare for the Mobile Windows end-of-life on January  14.

Enjoy the newsletter. Happy Holidays and , as always, thank you. 

Short Hauls
Frontline Freight Featured in Case Study Longtime CLI client, Frontline Freight, was featured in a case study showcasing how implementing the FACTS system has helped grow the company.  

"Carrier Logistics allowed us to more than triple our annual revenue and it continues to be central to our success," Matt Hunter, a Frontline EVP noted in the piece.  To learn how they did it,  read  the case study.

New Clients.   CLI is pleased to announce that Thinnes Transport, a Crystal Lake, Il-based LTL provider has chosen the FACTS system as its freight management solution.  Thinnes has been providing freight transportation and logistic services to companies for over 40 years. 

Supersonic of Florida has also chosen the CLI robust solution to help them be more efficient in their final-mile delivery and linehaul offerings.   Welcome  Thinnes and Supersonic of Florida!

New Digs.   In the event you haven't heard, CLI headquarters has a new address.  We can now be found at 570 Taxter Road, Suite 390, Elmsford, NY  10523.  All phone numbers and email addresses remain the same.

CLI to Present at Upcoming Conference .   Ben Wiesen president of CLI, will lead a session entitled, "Fundamentals, Add-Ons & Coming Attractions" at the upcoming Jump Start conference, produced by SMC3 this coming January.  The session will  explore what functionality is "table stakes" for LTL companies and how additional solutions, and emerging technology can give these same companies a competitive advantage.

Jump Start explores emerging trends, current challenges and new innovations in the supply chain. As the definitive industry intelligence gathering of the new year, Jump Start is a one-of-a-kind experience that blends informative panels from industry experts with top-tier networking opportunities.  Click for more info.
Windows Mobile End of Life
What You Need to Know

Vice President of Business Development, Barcoding, Inc.

What does Microsoft ending support for the Windows-Embedded Handheld OS really mean?
Microsoft announced in 2013 that it planned to end support for the Windows-Embedded handheld operating system beginning with Windows Embedded CE on June 10, 2018 and Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 on January 14, 2020.
With this final date rapidly approaching, we wanted to provide insight to how this event impacts the millions of ruggedized mobile computers being used around the world to capture, process and update countless business processes every minute of the day.
What this means going forward
First and foremost, January 14, 2020 is not doomsday. All existing devices will continue to operate exactly like before. However, Microsoft will no longer issue any software updates or security patches, which means your applications and network may become more vulnerable to data and security threats.

Without Microsoft support, it also means that:
  • Device manufactures will begin end-of-sale plans for these devices
  • Over time, device manufactures will stop supporting/repairing these devices
  • Existing users MUST have a migration strategy

Essential Elements of a Migration Strategy
Replacement OS selection
Until recently, Windows Embedded Handheld was the most dominant operating system in rugged environments with industry analysts stating that four out of five mobile computers were using it in 2014. Today, Android has become the standard operating system for rugged mobile devices, although iOS, Windows 10 and Linux devices can be found in some environments. Unless you have a specific need to invest in iOS, Windows 10 or any other mobile operating system, selecting Android will provide you with the largest eco-system of device options, mobile applications, support tools and systems/solution providers.
Mobile Application Selection
After selecting your preferred operating system, the next step is mobile application selection . Unfortunately, regardless of the OS selected, your legacy Windows Embedded applications are going to need to be replaced as they are not compatible with the new OS. A good migration strategy takes this as an opportunity to evaluate the current business and user needs and seeks to enhance the prior functionality rather than just replace it. Things to consider include: reviewing workflows, enhancing user interfaces and leveraging technology advancements such as voice, imaging, camera and location capabilities.
Device Selection
When it comes to ruggedized Android computers, you have a variety of options. The leading device manufacturers offer many variations of devices, including keyboard, touchscreen, wearable and vehicle-mounted, as well as several form factors and display sizes. With so many options, Barcoding can help you select the correct device to meet the unique requirements of each user group or business function.
The Windows-Embedded Handheld end of life is not truly the end but rather, a new beginning -- an opportunity to evaluate your processes and people that the technology enables. Take advantage of this opportunity to become more efficient, accurate and connected.

About Barcoding Inc.
Since 1998, Barcoding has partnered with thousands of companies to successfully deploy the use of automated data capture and mobile technology. We have seen almost everything, and we'd like to help you, too!
Click here to discover what Barcoding Inc. can do for your organization.
Staff Spotlight
Yvan Vazquez

Yvan Vazquez
Yvan Vazquez is a customer success specialist at CLI devoting his time to ensuring CLI's clients get the training and help they need to get the most from their systems.  Prior to joining CLI in June of 2019, he worked in accounting for distribution companies for over seven years. 

Yvan has spent much of his career in distribution and has been involved in internal accounting, payroll, inventory management, route planning and warehouse operations, making him a valuable and knowledgeable resource for CLI and their clients.

He has a BBA in Finance and an MBA from the University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley.   

Yvan and his wife recently moved to the tri-state area from Texas. In his spare time Yvan likes to go to the gym and travel.

Tip of the Month
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We've all been there: Maybe it's after a long weekend, or an even longer vacation, or maybe it was just a long night, but the bottom line is you can't remember your password.  Fear not, there is a solution.

There is a nifty feature that allows you to reset your password in case you forget it.
All you need to do is click the Forgot Password button at the FACTS login:

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Simply click Yes, and the reset password will be emailed to the address associated with your user profile.
When you log in, you'll be prompted to create a new personal password. 

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