May - June 2024

This photo is from my favorite FB page here in Hawaii -

Little Plumeria Farms --- their photos are absolutely beautiful

and we are proud to share them!

Aloha and Welcome to
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To coordinate with our new mission of

Creating Websites for New Authors,

we are focusing our monthly newsletter on new authors and their writing and publishing journeys to success!

Mark and Holly Plackett

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Our First New Author Website Launched!

It's been wonderful to assist Laurie Davis on her journey to becoming a very successful author!

Laurie Davis!!

Plackett Enterprises is so proud to have been a part of creating and launching Laurie Davis' new author website in

May of 2024 --- find her on:

and take a look at Laurie's website!

Laurie lives in Granbury, Texas and [in addition to being my loving sister!] she has been wanting to get back to writing for many years!

We collaborated on her website and she is now compiling a book of short stories that she plans to have in print by early 2025. Meantime, we were able to share two of her short stories on her website so she can begin to build her fan club and start the journey of marketing her books in the coming year!

She has also started a blog on her website as one of the topics that is near and dear to Laurie’s heart is Alzheimer’s. Laurie wants to share her experience as a caretaker and to reach out to others who are on this journey. Once you visit her website, you’ll see her first blog on this topic and when you read about “Meeting Laurie” you will understand why her beginning blog posts will be focused on this issue. 


We want to give a big thank you to Hawaii Writers Books and

authors Jada Tan Rufo and Steven S. Foster

for sharing their space with me [ Holly Plackett ! ]

at their Book Table at the Waimea Farmer's Market

and for putting out our Plackett Enterprises'

Creating Websites for New Authors flyer!

It's a pleasure to meet and greet book buyers and to get acquainted with some great local Hawaii Writers!

The Hawaii Writers Book table can be found at the Waimea Mid-Week Market in Waimae, located at the Paniolo Heritage Center at Pukalani Stables

67-139 Pukalani Road here on the Big Island

every Wednesday 9:00 to 2:00

In addition to the books written by Jada Tan Rufo and Steven Foster, several other local Hawaii authors are also featured at the Hawaii Writers Books table. Jada and Steven are there every Wednesday, so stop by when you're at the market!

Book sales are made every week and it's surprising how many "budding authors" stop by to talk story and buy books!

Great Networking!

Hawaii Writers Books FB: @Hawaiiwritersbooks

Some thoughts from Mark Plackett

In a world where television dominates as a primary source of entertainment, the allure of a good book remains steady. Despite the prevalence of screens and streaming services, the publishing industry in the United States continues to flourish, churning out an impressive number of books each day.

According to an article written by Dean Talbot on the website,, states that the total number of new book titles released annually [on a global scale] is around 4 million and at least 1.7 million self-published titles each year are considered to be produced. Within the US alone, approximately 2,700 new titles are released daily.

That's a staggering amount of literary creations hitting the shelves and digital platforms regularly, showcasing readers' enduring love affair with the written word.

But why the enduring appeal of books in an era dominated by visual media? The answer lies in the unique power of storytelling.

While television offers vivid imagery and immersive experiences, books invite readers into worlds crafted by their imagination. They provide a depth of insight, emotion, and connection that few other mediums can replicate. Books offer endless possibilities for exploration and growth, whether it's an escape into a fantastical realm, a journey through history, or a deep dive into the human psyche.

So, while television may dominate the airwaves, the world of books continues to thrive, reaffirming the timeless appeal of a good story and the written word. As a new author, this should encourage you to continue your storytelling. A website can help connect your stories to potential readers helping you build a community of supporters.

So new authors, keeps those books coming!!!


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