Landscaping Newsletter and Garden Tips
March, 2018     Volume 152

A Personal Message
This is our first newsletter of the year.  Spring's coming up fast, so let's jump right in.

We were able to complete lots of projects over our winter break.  Here's the one I'm most excited about.  It's my NEW office.

It began with the Bombshell Beauty Parlour sign.  I've admired this little gem from a Cambridge, MD hair salon for years.  When the salon went out of business after 20 years, I was able to purchase the sign.   
I love Mid Century Modern decor and began by adding the vintage desk.  I had several other pieces in storage and brought them in as accent pieces.  Scraping wallpaper, painting and adding lighting have all been part of the process.   
Note the custom framework we devised to hang this sign.
Repainting the room was a big priority. 
Okay, so here's my HUGE desk that I actually got for free.  A lady didn't need it anymore and was giving it away. 
The side tables are pieces I picked up at auction for about $10.00 each.  I just liked the Mid Century Modern look. 
The chair will be reupholstered with different fabric.  And, the screen belonged in Melissa's family, probably coming down from New York in the late 1800's.  

Let me explain.  I've never actually had an office at this location.  For the past 20 years, I've worked from my kitchen table, much to the chagrin of my office staff.

As you can tell by the photos, it's still a work in progress.  However, I'm happy to have a space of my own.  Melissa is happy I'm no longer ensconced at the kitchen table.  And, we'll provide updated pictures as we continue the renovations.

Other winter projects include equipment repair, fertilizer delivery and the purchase of two new tractors.  Look at these little beauties!

They're twins!  I bought two tractors that are exactly the same model.  Delivery day was really exciting as they rolled out of the big trailer.  Those large wheels are called turf tires.  They can roll across a yard without damaging the grass.  
Each tractor can fit multiple attachments, depending on the type of landscaping project we're completing.  For example, we use forks for grabbing big piles of debris.  And buckets, like you see here, can carry large loads across a yard to a waiting truck.   
They have more horsepower and run more efficiently than my older tractors.  Yet, they're about 20% smaller and yes, they're still shiny!  Don't worry, that will change soon.

Thanks for reading.  It's good to be back at work, after a cold, rainy winter.  And, it's really good to have some warmer weather.

Happy Spring!

March Garden Tips

*  Anxious to get back outdoors?  We are too.  Here's what we're going to be doing this month...

We usually begin with a thorough clean-up of landscape beds and gardens.  Preparing your  garden now for the plants, seeds and seedlings ahead will save you time when you're ready to plant.  Keep telling yourself it's good exercise!   
Make sure you keep up with emerging garden weeds in your beds before they have a chance to go to seed.

Some weeds produce thousands of seeds per plant and can really become a problem if not removed early in the season.


  How about a garden show this year?  The Philadelphia Flower Show runs from March 3 through March 11 this year.  It's the Mack Daddy of all flower shows.
This year's theme is "Wonders of Water."  Here's a youtube video that previews the show.


We found the best tips for attending a garden show.  Here's some of what you should consider...

1.  Buy your tickets early; don't wait until the last minute and have to stand in line!
2.  Research your directions and where to park.  Don't waste "Flower Show" time by driving in circles. 
3.  Comfort is key when attending the flower show.  Don't announce you're a novice by tottering about in six-inch heels. 
4.  Come well rested. Consider using a small backpack or handy folding "bag on wheels" to keep your hands, neck and back free and reduce stress from a heavy shoulder bag.
5.  Bring a notebook or use a notepad app on your phone.  Trust me, there are going to be plenty of things you'll want to remember after the show.

And gardening guru, P. Allen Smith, suggests this tip:  "Purchase a Program."   
Spending money on a program will save you time in the long run.  Most programs contain maps of the show floor, including the location of bathrooms, dining areas and other conveniences.  Plus, a program will help you find any specific booths or displays you are interested in. 

Here's an image from a British floral show that you're going to love... 
Nothing more needs to be said.

  *  Frost can still be an issue in March, so we generally hold off most planting until April.  I've always regarded the Eastern Shore of Maryland as a Zone 7 planting region.

Hardiness zones were first developed by the Department of Agriculture.  They are basically a rough guide to gardening and landscaping for a geographic region.  Zones are also used to define a plant's ability to withstand the minimum temperatures of the climate in that zone.

So, we hold off on planting summer bulbs and tubers until the soil warms up and dries.  We  wait to plant shrubs and ornamental bushes until the ground warms. 

My best suggestion is that you also wait on planting vegetables and fruits until the danger of frost has passed and the ground is no longer frozen and the soil is actually workable. 

Sorry, but you should wait to do this. 
Your plants can't come to live with you until sometime in April! 

List of Services 

We thought it might be helpful if I provided you with a list of our programs and services.  I hope you'll consider using my company for your landscaping needs soon. 

Natural/Organic Lawn Program: 
We use only natural/organic fertilizers and top quality grass seed.  Our program is 80% non-toxic and includes disease, weed and pest deterrents.  Please contact us for a free lawn evaluation.
Monthly Property Maintenance: 
Weeding is available as needed or on a regular monthly schedule.  There is no minimum charge for the monthly program and no contract is required.
Natural/Organic Deer Repellent Program:
The deer repellent program is applied on a periodic basis throughout the year.   There is absolutely no possibility of harm to the deer because only natural/organic, non-toxic products are used.
Tick Repellent Service: 
Our integrated approach to tick control begins with a barrier tick repellent service.  We may also suggest brush removal, Damminix tube placement and deer repellent spray as part of a total package of tick management.  
We apply a wide variety of locally available mulches for top dressing and plant protection purposes.  Also, we have access to pine straw mulch for a truly unique look. 
Weeding crews are available on an as needed basis or you may choose a regular monthly schedule.  There are no minimum charges for the monthly maintenance program. 
We create and maintain edges for landscaped beds and driveways.  We offer both temporary and permanent edging solutions that help define landscape beds from your lawn.   
Care of Landscape Ornamentals: 
A complete maintenance program of trimming and shaping your ornamentals is available as needed or as part of our regular monthly program.  Please contact us about the fertilization needs of your valuable shrubs and ornamentals. 
Soil Amendments: 
We use a variety of composted products to amend the topsoil in your landscaped gardens and beds.  You may want to consider mushroom-based, pelletized compost which adds organic matter to your plant material and is odor-free.
Plant Health Care:  
We use a compost tea blend to prevent plant diseases.  Our best selling point here is that our clients call us back year after year to schedule their sprays.  It really works!
Installation of Flower & Landscaped Beds: 
Whether you work with a landscape architect or design the project yourself, we are available to provide the labor and materials necessary to complete your job. 
Landscape Design: 
Our landscape designer has worked on some of the most beautiful properties on the Eastern Shore.  He loves to use indigenous plant material.  As an extra added benefit, you'll actually have the designer on staff at the time of installation.
  Woods Restoration: 
We can turn your woods into a park-like setting.  Programs to remove poison ivy and other unwanted vegetation from your woods are available. 
Leaf Removal:  
Complete leaf removal service is available for your entire property.  However, our large leaf vacuum can also assist you in removing piles of leaf debris you have prepared.  We're able to assist both large and small properties from large estates to small in-town yards.  Do-it-yourselfers are our favorites! 
Please contact us if you need a service that is not listed above.  We specialize in providing unique outdoor services that will meet your individual needs.  We are willing to perform the entire job or assist you with any portion of your project.  Call us or visit our website at dellsadler@dellsadler.com.