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Event Update
Year 8, Issue 2
Get Kids Excited about STEM Education and Careers!
Saturday, October 27, 2018, is the date this year!
COUNT DOWN: We have 11 weeks to go!
EXHIBITOR PORTAL is officially open! The button at the left will take you directly to Exhibitor Information page with the ENTRY FORM link. Early entries will be assured a good location. If you want to participate, but are not sure of an idea, drop us a line , and we'll have a bunch of suggestions for you.

NEW SARALEE & RICHARD'S BUILDING is being added this year to give us even more room for exhibitors to spread out and to give us improved access to high tech!
NEW SPONSOR & EXHIBITOR -- W.Bradley Electric, Inc., jumped in last year as both new sponsor and new exhibitor. CEO Leslie Murphy said that her company is enthusiastically looking forward to the event again this year. All of their last year's volunteers are already signed up to be involved again this year. She said the excitement of the kids made the event! Last year the kids created magnetic, wearable closed circuits that stayed lit for weeks.
PCAM NEWS -- Pacific Coast Air Museum will be bringing back its very popular Huey Helicopter! Since it cannot fly into a residential area, Precision Crane is offering its services to bring it through the quiet streets in the middle of the night. What a team!
SPONSORS -- It is the strong support of North Bay businesses and individuals that allows the Discovery Day to be what it is. Even if you cannot be an exhibitor, you can still show your support as a sponsor. Contact Don Pierce  or check our sponsorship page . Have your logo show along side the logos of these strong supporters.
EDUCATORS -- A new special newsletter is being sent just to educators in the five north Bay counties: Marin, Mendocino, Napa, Solano, and Sonoma.  In this way, we can provide school-specific news and also obtain a better means of distributing our student flyer for the Friday packs or school online services. Anyone wanting to receive the special educators newsletter, please sign up here.  Just click the flyer at the left for your own PDF of the flyer in both English and Spanish.
THE COMMITTEE -- All year long a committee of dedicated individuals plans for the annual North Bay Science Discovery Day. Those involved are Carole Bennett, Don Pierce, Lyman Black, Susan Magnone, Mike Roa, Kirsten Alston, Stuart Levin, Steve Kadar, Claire Spafford, Patty Alushin, Jonathan Cope, Brandon Jewell, and Dennis Bentley. Not all of the team was able to be at Novato City Hall when Mayor Denise Athas provided us with a Proclamation.
North Bay Science Discovery Day

October 27, 2018, 10 am to 4 pm
Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa, CA