The Conduit
SPRING 2023 | Edition #34
New Executive Director
Thanks for the opportunity to introduce myself as the new Executive Director of the Electrical Contractors Association of Saskatchewan.
I recently retired from electrical contracting in Regina when the opportunity to join ECAS as the Executive Director became a reality. My knowledge in the electrical industry in Saskatchewan is extensive however I must admit, I still have a lot to learn!
I achieved a Red Seal Endorsement as a Journeyperson Construction Electrician in 1985, apprenticing primarily in residential construction. As a Journeyperson, I worked primarily in commercial, light industrial and service before moving into the office in 1997 to lead the data com department. I soon gained experience as a project manager working on larger electrical projects and received CCA Gold Seal for Project Management in 2010. I also received a SATCC Blue Seal (Achievement in Business Competencies)
Over the years I have gained experience working on various boards, from hands on church and condo boards to large government organizations.
I have been involved with apprenticeship for over 20 years, starting as an employee representative on the Electrical Trade Board in 2000. Four years later I joined the Curriculum and Examination Development Board (CEDB) and served there until joining the SATCC board of directors in 2014, where we oversee all trades in Saskatchewan. In 2016 I was elected as Chair of the board of directors and have retained that position to the date of this introduction letter. In 2018, I joined the SaskPoly board of directors as the SATCC representative to the Saskpoly board and am currently a board member and chair the HR committee. My positions on these provincial boards provided the opportunity for formal Governance training; I achieved a Professional Director designation (Pro.Dir).
I hope that the experience gained over the years will help me maintain the forward momentum the past Executive Directors have achieved. I look forward to working with the ECAS board of directors as well as the regional associations that are so important to the success of our members.

Drew Tiefenbach
Inflation and Group Benefits: Practical Ways to Come Out Ahead
Inflation is top of mind for everyone these days, particularly business owners. Over the past 20 years, chartered professional accountants and various industry experts have advised to expect a 6% increase to account for annual benefit inflation in a normal economic environment.

Group benefits are an important tool when it comes to attracting and retaining talent, so how does a business owner navigate plan sponsorship these days and continue receiving the best value for their benefit dollar? One key way to stay ahead is to market your plan every few years. If you have not marketed your plan since before the pandemic, now is the time.  

By working with an advisor they will be able to:

  1. Articulate what is driving plan costs, and develop a plan to communicate this within the group if plan sustainability is at risk
  2. Seriously consider whether any components of your plan could benefit from a different risk pooling structure
  3. Uncover opportunities for value-add (such as a free employee assistance plan)
Indigenous Apprenticeship Initiative (IAI) Program
The tiny home project on Kahkewistahaw First Nation is part of the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission’s (SATCC) Indigenous Apprenticeship Initiative (IAI) program. IAI funds initiatives that supports Indigenous peoples interested in pursuing a career in the skilled trades. Each year, the SATCC accepts proposals for a variety of projects with Indigenous partners, including apprenticeship programs, mentoring projects, career exploration and other opportunities.
For the tiny home build project, Kahkewistahaw First Nation, along with Yorkton Tribal Council, partnered with Parkland College and Southeast College to coordinate multiple aspects of the build.
We are excited to announce that SupplierLink has partnered with the Saskatchewan First Nations Natural Resource Centre of Excellence (SFNNRCE), to bring the EXPORT verified designation to SupplierLink. Through an integration with EXPORT, SupplierLink will be able to provide a database of verified Indigenous businesses. The integration will not only showcase verified Indigenous businesses, but also help owners hire verified Indigenous businesses. 
As a member of ECAS, you will benefit from SupplierLink's partnership with SFNNRCE by gaining access to a larger pool of verified businesses, including Indigenous businesses. 

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Key tips to ensure your storage lot is secure!
Storage lots can be used to store a variety of items, including vehicles, stock, and equipment. A properly designed storage lot uses several security measures that make theft difficult.

Some key solutions that can be implemented to help secure your storage lot, but each business is unique and may need to use a combination of techniques to ensure their valuables are protected.  

These solutions range from landscaping to cameras, alarms to guard dogs, as well as many others. 

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Mental Health and Workplace Safety in Construction

When it comes to workplace safety, physical health and eliminating visible hazards immediately come to mind. But mental wellness, awareness of substance use and checking in with each other also factor into staying safe on the job site. 
The nature of working in construction can impact psychological health—long hours, physical exhaustion or chronic pain, seasonal work, job sites away from home and an environment where feeling or stresses aren’t openly discussed.
Visit for mental wellness resources including tool box talks.
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