The Conduit
SPRING 2022 | Edition #30
Executive Director Report
Our 2022 Membership drive is in full gear.  You should have received your invoice and notices for the 2022 Membership Renewal in the ECA of Sk. Thank you to all those who have renewed your membership and to our new members - welcome to the Association. If you have not already renewed your membership, please do so in a timely fashion as your ongoing support of ECA of Sk. is extremely important as we continue to make headway on many long-standing advocacy issues. 

There will be continued issues in the advocacy file in 2022. ECA of SK.  will continue for a strong electrical contractor presence within the following:

  • Pursuit of a Master Electrical requirement in Saskatchewan,
  • Monitoring the implementation of the prompt payment legislation,
  • Maintaining and enhancing the Saskatchewan Registered Contractors Program
  •  Establish pathways to alleviate supply chain delays and human resource challenges.

Thank you for your past and future support of the Electrical Contracting industry in Saskatchewan. We look forward to representing you again in 2022. 
Ken Meredith
We are in a very unique work environment. What should companies focus on in 2022 to support their employees?

Our current work environment is in a unique position and companies have the opportunity to stand out with a few intentional considerations. While ‘the Great Resignation‘ has been likely over used, employees are re-examining their career choices. People are not willing to put up with negative workplaces in the same way they did before. Many organizations are struggling to retain employees and recruitment brings another complexity in the aggressive job market.  
So, what can companies do? Below are three strategies to help navigate this unique time in business. Specifically, this year, companies need to focus on culturemental health, and adapting to continued flexibility.

Floods cost Canadians many millions of dollars every year in property damage, lost production,
lost wages, and lost businesses. But dollars can’t measure the distress, the strain and the heartbreak, that flood victims suffer.


Read more about flood protection products that can be stored on site at your facility and can be deployed when a flood threat is imminent. The products can be deployed in a short period of time to help protect your business and property from flood damage.
Past Board Members
On behalf of the ECA of Saskatchewan Board of Directors we would like thank Allan Gibb (Amtech Electric Ltd.) and Glen Gerow (Humboldt Electric Ltd.) for their contributions to the Association and Board for the past number of years. 

Allan and Glen have been active members in our Association at both the local and provincial levels.  Both Allan and Glen served on many committees and represented the Electrical Contractors Association as Directors and as Executive Members.

Allan and Glen have been very conscientious Board members working on behalf of all contractors in professionalizing the electrical contracting industry in Saskatchewan.  Your mentoring and guidance to the Electrical Contractors Association of Saskatchewan is much appreciated.
The ECA of SK. Board of Directors and members hosted our virtual 2021 AGM on February 17, 2022.
Highlights included the following:

New to the Board of Directors:
            Greg Miller (Jet Electric Ltd.)
Troy Parry (Amtech Electric Ltd.)
This two-year subscription provides electronic access to the NECA Manual of Labor Units! With all of the features that were formerly featured on the CD, the online portal allows subscribers to access the labor units, the ability to export sections to excel, utilize calculators, customize column factoring and more.

Users who have TRA-SER accounts will still be able to use this subscription as an add-on, allowing the MLU information to be integrated with most major estimating software.

Click Here for more details
Apprenticeship Training Schedule 
Apprentices will soon be able to self-register for technical training in MyATC for the 2022-23 training year.
The following outlines how the training schedule and courses for the year will be released:
  • Monday, April 4: Full 2022-23 training schedule posted to SATCC website
  • Monday, May 2 at 12 a.m. (midnight): Level 4 classes released in MyATC
  • Wednesday, May 4 at 12 a.m. (midnight): Level 3 classes released in MyATC
  • Monday, May 9 at 12 a.m. (midnight): Level 2 classes released in MyATC
  • Wednesday, May 11 at 12 a.m. (midnight): Level 1 classes released in MyATC
The Canadian Electrical Contractors Association
Working for You!

Topic: Prequalification Programs and Standards
The absence of a common prequalification system and standard in the Canadian industry, has resulted in many third‐party prequalification programs (ISN, Avetta, ComplyWorks, Compass etc.). Contractors must repeatedly prequalify with different programs and standards which creates substantial inefficiencies. The wasted time, effort and resource required to maintain duplicate data in multiple locations and in multiple formats comes at a significant cost to the sub-contractor. At the prequalification stage, these costs are solely carried by the sub-contractor with no guarantee of being able to recover the cost.

Based on industry input, there is a strong desire to develop and implement a common prequalification standard and streamlined solution for the Canadian construction industry. To achieve such and objective and effect necessary change, industry needs to ban together as they did with the Prompt Payment initiative.

Confined Spaces Training Crucial for Worker Safety
Workers facing the risks of working in confined spaces can access high-quality training through the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association (SCSA) to address their safety needs. SCSA offers an updated Confined Space Monitoring & Entering course to equip workers in confined space environments with the knowledge and tools needed to protect their health and safety.
“Confined spaces are among the most hazardous workplaces. In Canada alone, it is estimated that there are 100 fatalities a year due to confined spaces work,” says SCSA president Collin Pullar. 
The course will be offered in both an instructor-led online format and in person at SCSA’s Saskatoon or Regina locations later in the spring. The two-hour VR session requires pre-booking and an additional fee.