The Conduit

SPRING 2024 | Edition #37

Progress Claim for Deposits

Are you able to claim expenses for material or service deposits on your monthly progress claim? It depends.


A concern was raised by an electrical consultant at a recent ECAS Liaison meeting regarding the denial to accept a progress claim by a contractor for a deposit to a supplier. Deposits are increasingly being requested by suppliers often catching contractors off guard.

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What are the top medications and services being claimed?  

As a Benefits Consultant working with several small and large businesses, we often get asked about trends in claims and more specifically, what are the top medications and services being claimed? This article answers this question as it relates to medications for 2023. 

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ECAS TIN Cup 2024

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How to help prepare your business for natural hazards

When it comes to running a business, you know that preparation is key to managing through adversity. But with unpredictable natural forces like winds, floods, and wildfires now causing billions of dollars in losses each year in Canada, is your business continuity plan built to weather the storm?


To help you build long-term resiliency and mitigate potentially significant losses, Federated Insurance has developed a new whitepaper exploring the realities of extreme weather events for businesses like yours. It provides actionable tips and checklists to help you safeguard your property so you can resume normal operations quicker in the event of an unforeseen natural disaster.

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To learn more about Federated, visit or if youre a Federated customer, you can contact your Commercial Insurance Specialist with any questions.

Wildfire prevention tips for your business and home

Wildfire season is already underway in parts of Canada and fast-approaching in others. Did you know wildfires are becoming more frequent and severe, causing about $890 million of insured damage across Canada in 2023?*


When wildfires occur, they can spread quickly, leaving you with little time to react. To help you be prepared, Federated Insurance has created risk management resources that outline common property fire hazards, building design considerations, as well as best practices before, during, and after a wildfire event:

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To learn more about FireSmart at home, read more on wildfire plan and protection here.

To learn more about Federated, visit or if you’re a Federated customer, you can contact your Commercial Insurance Specialist with any questions.

Saskatoon Industry Education Council Summer 6 Week Internship Program

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Employer Deadline May 12, 2024

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AS OF MAY 17, 2024 All contractors are required to have a POLICY statement AND WRITTEN PSPP


An amendment to the Saskatchewan Employment Act requires all workplaces to have a Policy Statement and Prevention Plan (PSPP) for Violence in the Workplace in effect by May 17, 2024.

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