AUGUST, 2019

Teaching from an Enlightened Master: Out of India 2019 Tour with Brahmarshi Patriji from Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement. FREE Pyramid Meditation Event
Patriji became enlightened in the year 1979 and since then has founded Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement. His organization has 10,000 meditation centers with 144,000 Meditation Master Teachers worldwide plus 20,000 meditation pyramids some of which hold up to 6,000 meditators at a time!

For the past 30 years, Patriji has traveled extensively to every nook and corner of India including remote villages, giving meditational classes to individuals of all ages, education, and strata. To date, Patriji has conducted thousands of workshops on anapanasati meditation, vegetarianism, pyramid energy and new age spiritual science.

He has touched millions of lives teaching meditation and spiritual science, with the only intention of raising the consciousness of humanity and the planet. His message is simple: Meditation, Pyramids and Spiritual Science change lives, and thus change the world.

Now, Patriji has extended this mission to the world! Out of India 2019 Tour will be the introduction of Patriji and his work to the United States with his final stop in Chicago!
Join Brahmarshi Patriji in Chicago during the final stop of his Out of India 2019 Tour to learn the Science of Pyramid Meditation.

Sunday, August 25th
Holiday Inn
5300 W. Touhy Ave
Skokie, IL 60077

First ALL PYRAMID STORE Opening September 23rd
Our team at iPyramids is dedicated to bringing state of the art therapeutic energy tools to the public that are restorative, energizing, and activating. We combine alchemical rejuvenation technologies and create designer magnetic fields that promote harmony by aligning the forces of nature like the electromagnetic and gravitational waves into your living space to bring charged coherence back into the mind/body/spirit complex

iPyramids are bio-active field generators that make use of light, sound, and electromagnetic’s to produce a sensory experience that bypasses normal mental activity to directly stimulate the emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies of the multi-dimensional human participant, producing an Elevated Life Experience both during and after interaction with the device.

Big things are happening for Ipyramids this Fall, with the Grand Opening of their Pyramid Studio this September in Sedona Arizona, where unique therapeutic sessions in the ARC VI will be available to the public.
A Message to Humanity by Kelly Lapseritis
You may wonder why pyramids have been at the core of all interplanetary civilizations. There are many reasons to it. First of all, a pyramid is an easily recognizable artificial polygonal structure, expressing a complex mathematical equation, from an advanced intelligence. The very existence of a pyramid in itself, wherever on Earth or on other planets it is found, proves that intelligent and advanced civilizations lived there before.
Secondly, a pyramidal structure made of stones, the longest lasting material, is the form of construction that last for the maximum period, enduring the test of time through all weathers and earthquakes, for many ages. The subsequent phases of civilizations have not left as many structures still standing. Pyramids stand not only as monuments to the advanced intelligence of their builders, whose identities are often unknown or forgotten, but also to the furthest antiquity of their civilizations, that preceded your modern world.

Thirdly, a pyramidal shape carries in itself physical properties, like preventing rust or rot under its structure. But it has a large variety of other uses, like producing piezoelectricity, as crystals do, due to their geometry; or channeling waves carrying different energies, whether telluric currents, electricity, sounds, radio or microwaves, creating energy fields. Those energy waves can be directed to carry messages or charges, and their frequencies syntonized in harmonic resonances to manifest tremendous sources of power, able to create anti-gravity to move huge weights; or used for powering complexes and operating technologies; or condensed into plasma to power flying ships or devices like star gates.
Cymatics studies show that sound frequencies, when accurately tuned, can design some intricate geometric patterns in malleable matter like liquid or fine sand. They can also alter molecular structures, or make matter in its different forms levitate and shape-shift. Those technologies were used in the cutting, melting and molding of gigantic stone blocks in the most ancient monuments found on this planet, left by the Elder builders. Just like sound, other wave frequencies as radio or microwaves, can have similar effects.
Rare Blue Lotus Oil FOR SALE
The Egyptians revered the blue lotus flower for its ability to bring one into the lucid dream state. It is a gentle soporific and calms the mind and body in preparation for the exploration of the inner world.

In Buddhist belief, the lotus represents the transformation of the base nature of the mud into the beauty of higher consciousness.

The Egyptians had the same belief, calling the Blue Lotus Flower “Sesen”, symbolizing the soul entering the underworld after the journey across the western land to the Hall of Maat. The soul is reborn through the transformation of the mud of negativity into the beauty of reincarnation.

The Blue Lotus is abundant in Thailand, We wildcraft harvest it directly from its habitat in Chiang Mai to make tea and resin oil, allowing you to experience the power and beauty of pristine nature.

Nefer Temu is the son of Ptah and Sekhmet. He is the Blue Lotus or Water Lily, his name meaning “beautiful one who closes” and was created from the primordial waters at the beginning of the world. Ptah his father created the world through a thought in his heart (corresponding to the contemporary theory of life as a simulation), and the Blue Lotus flower was seen as directly coming from this thought. The importance of the Blue Lotus flower Nefer Temu is in giving lucid dreams, allowing the soul to journey at night back to the source field. We still have access to this field consciousness through drinking Blue Lotus Tea and anointing with the oil of the Blue Lotus Flower.

Around the city of Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, there are large areas of national forests, with many lakes. In these lakes blue lilies, which are the ancient Blue Lotus plants used for psychoactive meditation. These Blue Lotus flowers grow naturally in pristine conditions, and are wildcrafted by the makers of the room temperature ethanol extract used in the  Blue Lotus Flower Oil  offered on this website.
Conference on the discovery of the Bosnian Pyramids by Dr. Sam Osmanagich at the Granby Pyramid

Come meet the archaeologist and discoverer of the Bosnian Pyramid Complex, Dr. Sam Osmanagich. He will present his exceptional archaeologist discovery which is scientifically dated to be more than 30,000 years old! He will also speak about the underground labyrinth of tunnels which connect all 5 pyramids.

This event will be held at:

The Granby Pyramid
348 Principale,
St. Alphonse de Granby

Reservations are not required but recommended.
25 Pre-paid
30 at the door

To Register contact
Sylvie Parent at:

Dr. Sam Osmanagich presents his findings of the Bosnian Pyramids
The Bosnian Pyramid Complex houses the largest pyramid in the world. Many new discoveries are uprooted every day. Learn about these discoveries, the power behind the Bosnian Pyramids and the tunnel system underneath.

Sunday, August 18th

218 Chemin White
Harrington, Quebec J8G2T3

Email Miquel for more details:
New Research Links Russian Pyramid Geometry To The Ancient Hindu Temples
Marshall Lefferts recently released a new book entitled “Cosmometry – Exploring the HoloFractal Nature of the Cosmos”. In this book, Marshall describes the Phi Scaling Angle, which is the angle used throughout Nature to scale from the micro to the macro. This Phi Scaling Angle exactly matches the geometry I recently calculated for the Russian Pyramids, and provides a valuable explanation for the enormous value of the Russian geometry pyramid in both healing and meditation.

This alone is an amazing discovery, but what has come out of this discovery is perhaps even more amazing. Overwhelmed at the significance of this finding, I recently set about to determine how long mankind has known about this geometry, and whether this knowledge could be found in the works and creations of mankind.

Setting forth my intention inside my pyramid, I was quickly led to a breadth and depth of information which continues to baffle me. I have found examples of the use of this geometry literally “Hidden in Plain Sight”, from Eastern and Western culture, from current architecture to ancient hieroglyphs, from contemporary memes, monuments and logos to ancient headwear.
Pyramid Energy Meetup featuring Mary Hardy
Coming October 10th

Join our Meetup Group for additional details.
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