December 2022
AC4C Monthly Roundtable
Happy Holidays, Thanks & Kudos!

At the December AC4C Work Retreat, the group had a little fun with this holiday jingle (to the tune of "Frosty, the Snowman") that was shared for our members, along with a thanks, kudos, and "nice" list (see picture below):

AC4C, the statewide Coalition, has some jolly, lofty goals, like no corn cob pipes or other smoke, and no vapes for THC Oils….
A-C-4C, is no fairy tale they say, even when there’s snow, the members know, we can still have our GoToMeeting that day.
There must be some kind of magic with the members of this group, for when we work together…great things happen for our youth.
AC4C, the Coalition’s, Vision is alive as it could be, to see Iowa’s children laugh and play, even more than you and me.
A-C-4C, has some very happy souls, you can hear Joy’s laughter, in many meetings, when Maggie’s kitty takes a computer stroll.
A-C-4C, is no fairy tale they say, with statewide support, we are working to, change lives, a little each day.
There must be some kind of magic in those evidence-based plans, for when we put them all together, the kids begin to dance with helping hands.
A-C-4C, knows the work is not always easy, yet we keep moving forward, and try to have some fun, and maybe get a little cheesy.
A-C-4C, needs all its members to make a difference, so we can keep on saying to the kids, “You’re enough and you’re tremendous!”
AC4C members, state partners and others, if you have teens in your coalitions, schools, family, or other areas of your life who might be interested in being a part of AC4C Youth. They, or you, can send an email to:
Upcoming Events and Retreats:

AC4C Day on the Hill- February 23, 2023 (See details below. More information will be coming soon.)

Tentative dates for 2023 Quarterly Work retreats:
-March 22 & 23
-June 7 & 8
-September 27 & 28

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Do you know about RALI Iowa?
Check out this organization and information about their virtual trailer HERE

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Happy Holidays!

For free help to quit smoking
call 800-quit-now.

Thank you, Alaina!

Unfortunately, Alaina Elliott-Wherry has resigned due to personal reasons. We thank her so much for her time working with the AC4C Youth and wish her the best in her future endeavors.

We are close to announcing the new youth coordinator as we are working towards a contract with the original youth development organization we wrote into the Drug Free Community grant. Stay tuned to hear what is next for the coordinator for the "AC4C Youth" group!
Why AC4C?

One of the first items of business at the December work retreat was a goal the Capacity workgroup has had on their action plan for quite some time. Both those in-person and some at home worked on videos saying why they like being involved in AC4C.

Check out our AC4C Facebook page during the month of December or our member Facebook page to see 11 members' videos. By the way, if you would like to be added to the Facebook member page, just let Jennifer know.

Thanks to Stacie Schroeder for getting us started a couple months ago, and thanks to Jackie Preston for leading this activity at the retreat. We finally got a bunch done! If you would like to add your "Why AC4C?" video to the collection, please record yourself on your phone and email it to Jennifer. Let Jackie or Jennifer know if you need help or we can record you at the next retreat.
LAST Chance to participate!
Citizen-Science Project: Alcohol Home Delivery & Drinks To-Go in Iowa

Iowa was one of several states to relax alcohol control measures during the COVID pandemic, and the Iowa state code now allows home delivery of alcohol (for example, by Uber Eats or Grub Hub) and carry-out drinks from licensed establishments. These changes may increase alcohol misuse, including access to alcohol by underage minors. Rules are in place for these types of sales, but we do not yet know how they are working.
AC4C is seeking volunteers who are 21 years or older and who ordinarily purchase alcohol for a citizen-science project. Volunteers will record their experiences using an easy-to-use online tool, which is part of a multi-state effort to gather information about alcohol access after the COVID pandemic. If you’re interested in helping, please contact Yajaira at AC4C will gather information through December 31, 2022.

A recording of the August training session is available HERE.
AC4C Youth
Substance Use Prevention
Day on the Hill
February 23, 2023

The theme this year is:
Putting Our Children First: Challenging Addiction-for-Profit

Be looking for an email at the very beginning of January with the updated Day on the Hill toolkit and all of the information about the event. If you haven't already, let your youth know the date. The day's schedule will be very much like other years. Plan to arrive in Des Moines at 10 a.m. The youth training will be in the Jessie Parker building at 10:15 a.m. We will have lunch there and move over to the Capitol for the press conference in the Rotunda from Noon to 12:30.

Please start inviting your legislators to the press conference which will be full of stories from youth and others on how alcohol and marijuana is affecting youth and all Iowans. Typically groups meet with their legislators after that and tour the Capitol a bit learning all about the legislative process before returning home. It is a great learning day for the youth on how important their voices are as citizens!
Newly revised
 VISION Statement:

To be the leading, statewide coalition and community based resource promoting the health of Iowans.  

 MISSION Statement:

Unifying Iowans to address substance use and mental health issues across the lifespan on a state
and community level.
Join an Action Team or Work Group session every month!

Access the action team meetings on Mondays. Login information here
Other Substances Action Team
No meeting due to the New Year's Holiday.

Marijuana Action Team
Next meeting- January 9 @ 9:30

Nicotine Action Team 
Next meeting- No meeting due to MLK Jr. Day.

Alcohol Action Team
Next meeting- January 23 @ 9:30 (No Alcohol Action Team meeting in December due to the holiday.)

Policy Work Group

4th Wednesday at 2:00 pm

Meeting information can be found here
Click here for meeting minutes

Purpose: To collaborate with the community and statewide entities to advocate and educate on substance abuse legislation, policies, and related issues.

Capacity/Marketing Work Group


Need a new co-chair. Please let Jackie or Jennifer know if you are interested.

3rd Monday at 2:00 pm

Click here for meeting minutes

Purpose: Create a network of professionals that have a diverse knowledge, experience and interest and to build skills and provide resources to members of AC4C.

Be looking for the AC4C media campaigns as they will be starting across Iowa as soon as next week. Check out this link to our website with more information:

The final designs are getting finished for the rest of the digital campaigns. Thanks to the ad hoc committees from the Alcohol Action Team and the Other Substances Action Team. We'll highlight those campaigns again next month!
2022 AC4C Board
Connected Communities.

Effective Coalitions.

Healthy Iowans.