November 2019
Friends of Falmouth Bikeways News
Our mission
To support safe and pleasant bicycling experience in Falmouth, MA.

We appreciate your interest and support! Here are some highlights of our accomplishments this year, and a preview of what's to come.
In June, Friends of Falmouth Bikeways (FFBW) and helpers mounted a new sculpture by local artist Sue Beardsley on the rear of the Wood Lumber building. The sculpture, entitled “Bike Man,” depicts a whimsical rider atop a number of old bike wheels. It joins the series of eight painted panels, also along that wall, by Jane Baker’s high school art classes showing the history along the old railroad route (photo inset). We are grateful for Sue’s continuing generosity with her signature found-object sculptures (she also made the sculptures where the bike path crosses Depot Rd, the wheel sculpture at Carlson Ln and Old Palmer Ave, and the bike wheel “fence” in the North Falmouth parking lot). We also thank the new owners of Wood Lumber, who generously allowed the use of their wall for these fun projects to continue and expand. This art, as well as the mosaics and other murals further north, add to the interest for path users. Henrietta Tranum, and Bob and Sue Beardsley admire the new sculpture.
A different kind of Art support
Art’s Bike Shop has kindly put out a jar for several years now to collect donations for FFBW. In a typical summer, they collect over $300. So thank you, Art (above, in front of his N. Falmouth shop)!
Storm damage
On Wednesday night, October 16, a Bomb Cyclone hit the Cape Cod area. The Shining Sea Bikeway received major damage in the area of the Trunk River parking lot. As a temporary fix, the Falmouth DPW created a path beside the damaged pavement. The Shining Sea Bikeway is passable but caution is advised in the area of Trunk River.
Maryann’s Island
During the past spring into summer, changes to the Shining Sea Bikeway's North Falmouth Parking Lot have taken place (below). The family of Maryann E. Rowan, a retired Mullen Hall teacher, donated a picnic table, bicycle repair stand, and water bottle filling station for the “island.” Thanks to Falmouth DPW, especially the Parks and Water Departments, for installation. Left, Ted Rowan poses at the island donated in memory of his wife.

These additions are complemented by the flower beds maintained by Henrietta Tranum and Tom Weaver. The flower beds are set off by the bicycle wheel fences provided by Sue Beardsley. Plan a lunch stop next spring and enjoy.
Flashing light ...coming to a crossing near you
The Locust St. crossing continues to be a hazard, despite the warning light. Cars, especially coming from the south, speed down the hill and aren’t prepared to stop. Bikers often don’t stop either, perhaps because they don’t realize how busy and fast the traffic is there. We plan to work with the DPW to install flashing warning lights for
both road and path users approaching the crossing as a visible “heads-up” that this intersection is dangerous! We will be fundraising for these signs in the spring, so stay-tuned!
Bud's Stop
Check out the newly posted maps at Bud’s Stop (below) in the Depot Avenue parking lot of the Shining Sea Bikeway. Friends of Falmouth Bikeways also provided a repair to the protective fence, which failed when it was hit by a vehicle (right). Rotten wood contributed to the failure, so the repairs, completed by Michael Duffany and company, included water drainage around the posts.
Litter buster extraordinaire 
Peter Walter, the Shining Sea Bikeway Litter Buster, has undertaken a new goal. The retired teacher from Cataumet rides the 10.6 mile Shining Sea Bikeway daily. During Peter’s 21-mile ride, he picks up trash others have left behind. Peter’s action has earned him the Keep Massachusetts Beautiful Litter Buster award in 2019. Photo Cape Cod Times. 
This spring Peter has placed new signs reminding dog walkers to pick up after their pets. Little changes in behavior can lead to big results.
New members
We are looking for new Board members! If you or anyone you know would like to join us, contact us at We meet twice a year and make decisions on projects to fund, do bike-related advocacy, and support the Falmouth Bike and Pedestrian Committee. We also have work parties.

Support us!
Your donations help support the important work of making Falmouth a bike-friendly community. We are a membership based, non-profit 501(c)(3) and more than 95 % of your donation goes to our projects. Click here for PayPal, or make out a check to Friends of Falmouth Bikeways and send to: Treasurer, 432 Wild Harbor Rd., N. Falmouth, MA 02556.