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“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.”

— Chinese Proverb

Videos to learn from:

Watch the short video below to learn more about STEM careers and what inspired these people to pursue their STEM dream.

STEM Careers: Inspire the Next Generation of Innovators
Snack Attack

This short animation highlights how situations aren't always what they seem & reminds us to think before reacting.

Update: MI Competitive Scholarship & MI Tuition Grant

For 2022-23 academic year,

FAFSA submissions now received at the Federal processor

on or before May 1, 2022 will be given priority consideration

for the Michigan Competitive Scholarship and Michigan Tuition Grant.


SAT advice from a TTS member:

Photo of Ben Poli.JPG

Due to my very unusual last two years of high school, I did not have the opportunity take my first SAT until my senior year, versus the normal junior year. Reflecting, I realize this actually provided some great opportunities to me, since I am in the Early College program.

If you are able, I would highly recommend taking an accounting class, and a college algebra class as early in your high school career as possible. These two classes, along with the ACC speech class, contained content I found throughout my SAT exam. I realize the course content can be difficult, but having basic knowledge in these areas will give you an advantage, especially compared to someone enrolled only in high school classes.

If you are not in the Early College program, you should consider taking these courses through dual enrollment.

-Ben Poli, Alpena Early College

Seniors - Control that Senioritis!

According to EdMd (EducationWorld.com), the arrival of spring means the return of "senioritis season."

Symptoms of senioritis may include (but are not limited to):

  • Mild to moderate cases of staring out the window
  • Swollen ego
  • Homework fatigue
  • Inflammation of the whining gland
  • Acute mediocrity
  • Short-term memory loss
  • Excessive tardiness
  • Classroom intolerance
  • Excessive hallway wandering
  • Existential malaise

There's hope! You don't have to succumb to this seasonal affliction - you can overcome!

Source: Symptoms of Senioritis, https://www.educationworld.com/edmd-symptoms-and-treatment-senioritis

Click here to read what Mr. Blewett says about surviving Senioritis

STEM Summer Day Camps Return in June

Summer Camps are back!

This year we are partnering with Northwood University to host their

Summer Institute, June 13-15th.

 Registration closes June 1st.

For more information and to register for this event, visit our website:


Don't miss this opportunity!

Information about this camp was also mailed.

Didn't get it? Contact the ttsoffice@alpenacc.edu to verify your address.

Don't forget to meet with your TTS advisor a minimum of three (3) times this year!


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